Heastie, Stewart-Cousins are open to impeaching Cuomo over falsified COVID death numbers

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins are open to impeaching Governor Andrew Cuomo if it’s discovered that his administration intentionally falsified the reporting of COVID-related nursing home deaths earlier this year.  Each chamber is contemplating committee investigations, while Republicans have called for a Department of Justice investigation into the matter.

Attorney General Tish James released a scathing report yesterday that revealed that the Cuomo administration underreported pandemic-related nursing home deaths by 50%, after the Governor was criticized for a March executive order in which he mandated that nursing homes admit COVID-positive patients, rather than treating them in hospital settings and isolating them from others.

The policy is thought to have caused more than 10,000 unnecessary deaths.  The Governor’s harshest critics have alleged that he pursued the policy intentionally, with the aim of reducing Medicare/Medicaid spending.

Operatives from across the political spectrum are applauding the independence of Attorney General Tish James — who many see as a future Governor.

The report has sent shockwaves through Albany and has almost certainly ended the political career of Mario Cuomo‘s eldest son — a princeling bred to have ambitions on the presidency.

Republican leaders in the Senate and Assembly, Rob Ortt and Will Barclay, are calling on the legislative bodies to rescind the unprecedented executive powers that have enabled Cuomo to issue sweepingly unconstitutional unilateral directives under the color of law.

Ortt has called on Dr. Howard Zucker, the State’s Health Commissioner, to resign for his role in concealing critical information in the middle of the most serious public health crisis in a century.

It’s being alleged that State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker conspired with Governor Andrew Cuomo to misreport critical public health information.

Impeaching the Governor would require a majority vote of the total of members of Assembly, and a conviction requires a two-thirds majority of the Impeachment Court.

Under the New York State Constitution of 1777, the Court for the Trial of Impeachments still exists. Since 1847, it is comprised of the Lieutenant Governor, the Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, the associate judges of the Court of Appeals, and the members of the State Senate.

The last time the Court convened was for the trial of Governor William Sulzer in 1913, who was convicted.  Chief Judge Edgar M. Cullen, also a Democrat, presided over that trial and voted against conviction.

Upon Cuomo’s removal from office, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul would assume the powers of the office and serve the remaining two years of the current gubernatorial term.

Political operatives believe that a more popular Governor — with the moderate tone and style of Kathy Hochul — would help Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins grow her majority by five or six additional upstate districts.  It’s thought that Stewart-Cousins will redistrict the chamber this year to solidify her control of the chamber for a generation.  Regardless of who is serving as Governor, Stewart-Cousins plans to be the most powerful politician in New York. 




  1. Cuomo needs to be booted, he has only demonstrated his incompetence and dishonesty, causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Give him a job as a mudflap on one of the city garbage trucks and let the governor of the state function as same on the other side of the vehicle.

  2. Oh for crying out loud. There is absolutely no substantive evidence that there was falsification of anything. The Republicans must stop politicizing this virus Nursing Homes were far from transparent. Every state had the same issues. The State followed CDC guidance and the report states that nursing homes were far from complying. Read the Federal GAO reports to see their findings that show that the HHS followed none, that’s none of their recommendations. The CMS had difficulty getting data from Nursing Homes for crying out loud. Help reduce the spread or get out of the way Republicans!!! This publication needs better investigations of the facts and better objectivity.

    • You dumb ass this came from AG James, not a Republican the last time I checked. King Andrew the douche is a mass murderer.

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