Dr. Hormoz Mansouri is considering a run for Erie County Comptroller

Dr. Hormoz Mansouri, an accomplished engineer and one of Western New York’s most successful businessmen, is considering a run for Erie County Comptroller.

Mansouri is one of the most prominent Democrats in Western New York.

Mansouri would bring an unprecedented level of technical expertise to the Comptroller’s office.  He holds advanced degrees in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering and his firms have been contracted to construct major infrastructure on three continents, including nuclear reactors in Africa.

The Comptroller is the Chief Accounting and Reporting Officer, Chief Auditing Officer, and Chief Fiscal Officer of Erie County. Through the Division of Audit and Control, the Comptroller also manages the County’s Whistleblower Hotline, which protects taxpayers by combating waste, fraud, and abuse in county government.

Many Democrats believe that Mansouri would appeal to both fiscal conservatives and environmental progressives, given his experience in corporate finance and energy.

“Dr. Mansouri has done more to combat climate change around the world by reducing global dependence on fossil fuels than any other single individual in Western New York,” one Democrat tells The Chronicle.  “He has the engineering expertise to solve critical infrastructure challenges, and oversee County operations in a precise way.”

“Imagine the technical innovation that kind of leadership might enable across all units of the County government — especially in a role as dynamic as its chief watchdog, and working collaboratively with the administration of County Executive Mark Poloncarz,” he adds.


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