Queen Elizabeth may name William as successor to her Throne in Scotland — Harry to succeed her in Northern Ireland

According to sources inside Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II is planning to name Prince William as the successor to Her Throne in Scotland and to name Prince Harry as the successor to Her Throne in Northern Ireland.  Despite rumors to the contrary, it is still expected that Prince Charles will reign as Charles III, King of England and Wales.  

Upon Her passing, William and Harry would both be coronated to independent Crowns, and each would take the title of King.

The succession plan is intended to recognize the Scottish people’s desire for sovereignty independent of England, while keeping the United Kingdom economically, socially, and culturally integrated.  That can be realized if William were to reign as King William of Scotland, presumably for multiple decades, before inheriting the Throne of England and Wales from his father.

The arrangement could also accommodate the eventual reunification of Ireland under its own Crown — though the delicate politics required of that eventuality would take extraordinary tact on the part of Prince Harry.  It’s believed that the reunification of the Kingdom of Ireland, whose last sovereign reigned until 1198, is plausible if the Crown were not associated with the Church of England.  It’s unclear if that means that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would convert to Catholicism upon taking up the task.

Succession plans have been evolving based on the Queen’s many considerations relating to global geopolitics, so precise succession plans remain in flux — but new details about the Queen’s thinking are emerging from behind the Palace-walls, which is being colloquially dubbed “The Brother Kingdoms”.

To some extent, the move comes as rebuke of Prince Charles and Camilia Parker Bowles, who have seen a remarkable loss of popularity among the British public following the Netflix depiction of the House of Windsor in it’s celebrated series The Crown. 

One source explains that the Queen is very attentive to the political sentiments of Her subjects, and understands that they crave more sovereignty and want that sovereignty asserted in the face of a globalism that is being driven by the capital markets’ desire for undifferentiated global financial integration.  In recent years, Her subjects rejected the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union and established a Scottish Parliament for the first time in hundreds of years.

“Elizabeth inherited an Empire, but she wants to bequeath to her subjects precisely what they want: more sovereignty, more self-determination, and a further decentralization of governance,” the palace insider explains.  “She wants all of her subjects to enjoy symbols of national pride and identity — which is the precise role of a sovereign — because she understands how the national energies of a people can be inspired.”

“Her Majesty’s subjects don’t want globalism.  They want self-determination. In the current era, sovereigns have emerged as the protectors of their subjects, standing up to the forces that would erase borders and assimilate Europe out of existence,” he adds.

While Elizabeth did inherit an Empire, it looks increasingly as though she intends to give birth to Nations.









  1. I can’t see Eire (Southern Ireland) being keen to be ruled by the British again, and I am British and don’t blame them a bit. Wishful thinking via the Sussex optimistic PR team?

  2. There would also be the same clash of diplomatic roles v. personal greed as occurred in the UK – the monetizing of paid public diplomatic positions for the fullest personal financial profit, combined with an unwillingness to do tasks which are important but not glamorous.

    The people of Ireland are not fools. I cannot see them overlooking Irish history plus inviting inevitable trouble for themselves by poor representation of a fine country by the Markles, nor accepting the extremely high financial cost of running a monarchy which inevitably would reduce the funds for helping the general population.

  3. Its a false speculation anyway. It is constitutionally illegal for the Queen or any UK monarch or person to attempt to subvert the laws relating to legal Succession to the Throne, the inheritance of the titles are set and are binding. Changes would need to go through the British Parliament system and having 3 separate royal families would never be passed. Historically alone, there were terrible repercussions when the monarchs of Scotland and England were not the same person.

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