Was Hunter Biden having a sexual affair with his niece?

Chinese media outlets have been reporting that Hunter Biden has been engaging in a sexual relationship with his niece.  It’s alleged that videos of the two have been found on the laptop that he left at a Delaware computer repair shop.  That hard drive is now in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and is the subject of a probe that began as a tax matter.

It’s also alleged that some of the videos found on that laptop have been uploaded to the Montreal-based website known as PornHub.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was criticized last week for protecting the website, which is thought to be owned in part by Liberal Party financier Stephen Bronfman — who is widely credited with orchestrating Trudeau’s rise to power.

Videos, alleged to depict Hunter Biden and his niece, can be found in Chinese-language searches of that website. The Chronicle can not independently verify the veracity of those videos.


State-affiliated Chinese media sources are alleging that Hunter Biden engaged in explicitly sexual video chats on Facetime.



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