Hunter Biden has a very large 9.5″ dick — check out the laptop pictures

Even critics of Hunter Biden are conceding that the troubled son of the President-elect has an exceptionally large penis, as evidenced by a slew of photographs that are being widely circulated on Chinese media outlets.  The photographs are said to be obtained from the now infamous laptop that Biden left at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

After studying the photos, experts estimate the length of Biden’s genitalia at approximately 9.5″ inches when fully erect.




  1. I once posted a comment on a story about Trump being asked to nominate a Hispanic woman for SCOTUS and somebody had the effing nerve to censor my comment but you post trash like this???? Whoever thought this was a good idea is smoking crack with Hunter. This was the quiet part NOBODY needed to say out loud. Take this down, Buffalo Chronicle.

    • Sleeping with a Chinese spy agent shoud concern us all. Doing business with the chinese government and opening doors to the WH for daddy-o should concern us all but you apparently are concerned only with your own body parts.

  2. It looks pretty good to me….just saying I know why the sister in law wanted to bang him after the funeral. Damn, I would too right now…plus he is hot and just looking at him you know he can lay the pipe well!

      • I am perfectly satisfied with my husbands penis. When he has a boner it is very thick even tho it’s only about 3 inches long. It’s amazing how much bigger it is compared to when sold.when I measured it then it was just 3/4 or 1inch, so when it’s hard it feels huge.

        • my mans is like 5.5″ an average in size.. he knows how to eat and lay the pipe as well as use toys together so we have no issues 😉

  3. HA! HA! Just like their hero, the fat orange turd, all these Trumpies are merely JEALOUS of the Bidens, HA! HA!

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