Hunter Biden alleged to have used racial epithets during rough sex with African American woman in Maryland

The son of the presumptive Vice President-elect Joe Biden is facing allegations in Chinese media this week that he used racial epithets during an aggressive sexual encounter with an African American woman in Maryland in 2018, which was recorded on video and audio and saved on the hard drive of the laptop computer that was left at a Delaware computer repair shop.

Chinese media reports are alleging that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Chinese intelligence services are both in possession of the hard drive containing the full-length video of the encounter, which took place inside a hotel room in Annapolis, MD.  Hunter Biden‘s father was not serving as Vice President at the time of the encounter.

During the same encounter, it’s alleged that Biden is seen aggressively pulling the woman’s hair, smacking her buttocks, and groaning inaudible verbiage in her ear in a condescending manner.

This image was allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop and is being widely circulated in Chinese-language media.

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