If Newsom appoints Karen Bass to California Senate seat, Kanye may run for Congress

Sources close to Kanye West are telling The Chronicle that, in the event that California Governor Gavin Newsom appoints Rep. Karen Bass to fill the United States Senate seat being vacated by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the rapper will seek her vacated congressional seat in that special election.  Bass represents parts of Inglewood, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.

Bass has been floated as the most likely candidate to serve the remaining two years on Harris’ term.  She is also thought to be on the shortlist to be named Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

West lives in Calabasas, which is near the district.  There is no residency requirement to seek the seat (other than residing somewhere within the State of California), though if he is elected he will be required to move into the congressional district.  He is currently considering a divorce from the social media personality Kim Kardashian, whom he believes to be immoral and self-centered in a way that offends his conservative family-oriented values.

While California’s 37th congressional district is very heavily Democrat-enrolled, it’s thought that West has considerable media influence in the Los Angeles media market, enjoys pervasive name recognition over any no-name challenger, can easily self-finance his campaign, and has a broad non-partisan appeal.



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