Queen to Harry: “Make yourself useful and sell some cars for awhile”

Queen Elizabeth wants Prince Harry to “start making himself useful” during his “youthful indiscretion” in California.  Fed up with what she sees as Prince Harry “lightly abdicating his responsibility to his Nation,” but resigned to the fact that he desires to live a commercial life, the Queen wants Harry to serve the Nation in a commercial capacity.

Palace insiders tell The Chronicle that the Queen plans to ask Harry to lead a trade promotion effort on behalf of the British automotive industry, serving as a brand ambassador for Aston Martin — the Queen’s favored luxury automobile, and the employer of more than 2,500.  While that super-luxury brand earns revenues topping $1 billion, the firm suffered a Net Income loss of more than $100 million.  The firm is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

“The Queen intends to task Harry with growing British export trade with North America — largely by promoting the hyper luxury vehicle maker to super-elite buyers in Southern California, in order to grow the company’s presence in the American marketplace, and to grow automotive manufacturing jobs in Britain,” a longtime palace insider tells The Chronicle.  “If Meghan wants to be so ‘commercial’ then the Palace may task her ambition in order to better posture the couple around national objectives that serve the British people.”

“If the Duke of Sussex can create 10,000 new jobs for Britons, it would earn the Queen’s respect in a new way,” he notes.

The brand ambassador role would require the Sussexes to expend an enormous amount of time planning and hosting promotional events, negotiating brand placements, and cultivating goodwill in the very small hyper-elite segment of the market that can afford vehicles priced upwards of $200,000.

Some London financial analysts argue that the Sussexes are in a unique position to do so.

Aston Martin has long been the favored vehicle of the Royal Family.


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