Biden may use Defense Production Act in $6.3 trillion solar roof plan prescribed by Green New Deal

Progressive activists have been insisting that the presumptive President-elect Joe Biden commits to using the Defense Production Act to ramp up production of solar roofing systems and to publicly guarantee that every home in America will be provided a government funded solar roof.

The proposal is a key plank in the Green New Deal being advanced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and it would cost the federal government around $4.2 trillion.

A 2,000 square foot Tesla solar roofing system costs about $42,000. Under the Green New Deal proposal, the government would order 100 million units nationwide, with each recipient homeowner picking up the tab for delivery and installation — a price that could range as high as $5,000 for the average single family detached dwelling.

Environmentalists have long argued that a rapid transition of the national energy to mix toward renewables should be done in a way that simultaneously decentralizes national energy production. They hope to evolve the single family home such that it produces and regulates its own consumption and storage of energy.

It’s thought that the Department of Energy would administer the program, but others believe that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would be more suited to do so given that agency’s expertise in logistics and supply distribution.

It’s thought that the program, when fully executed, will reduce national carbon emissions by more than 60%.

CORRECTION: A previously published version of this story projected the solar roof program to cost some $6.3 trillion. At the behest of the Biden campaign, we’ve corrected that number to $4.2 trillion with the estimate they provided.


  1. A most stupid thing that will insure there will be no base load power to keep your lights on when snow covers your roof for weeks on end, or your inverted fails or the batteries go bad. Then its a costly repair the government wont pay for. And when its broken what keeps the lights on

    No for profit utility will stay in business without customers.

    When the communists give you something for free you might pay with your life

    This from the same idiot that says all you need is a double barrel shotgun to shoot into the air to scare our killer away

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