Mitt Romney has been asked to lead Health and Human Services in Biden administration

Sources are telling The Chronicle that Senator Mitt Romney has been asked by the presumptive President-elect Joe Biden to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. He is currently discussing the nomination with his family and is expected to accept the appointment.

Biden advisors expect that Romney — a former management consultant by training and a former CEO of Bain Capital — will be tasked with making the national healthcare system more affordable without legislation that modifies the Affordable Care Act.

That work is expected to focus on a massive transition to tele-health services, expansion of digital appointment scheduling, expanded access to pharmaceuticals online, and the development of artificial intelligence technologies that will automate patient intake processing, make screening recommendations, and seamlessly sync medical record access between multiple providers serving a single patient.

It’s unclear if Romney will be tasked with creating open market pricing systems for a’la carte medical services, which could advance the work that the Trump administration has done to require providers to make pricing for their services public. That strategy is seen as key to creating a price competitive atmosphere between providers.

According to State law in Utah a Senate vacancy will be filled by gubernatorial appointment from one of three individuals nominated by the Legislature, each of whom must be a member of the political party of the prior officeholder.

Romney has expressed a desire for Governor Gary Herbert to appoint former Rep. Mia Love to fill the vacancy.

If Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, joins the Biden administration, he is thought to prefer that former Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, fills his vacant Senate seat.


  1. Romney ever the turncoat, he and the singing canary McCain are two of a kind…duplicious trash and fake Repubs.

    • You do we realize this is one country that we all live in right? Why can’t you people see the damage being done to the country at large by this partisan nonsense. We need the best, the brightest, the most experienced people, irrespective of party affiliation to run the country.
      I simply do not understand you people.

      Mr. Romney will be a good choice. I hope he accepts.

      • A godd choice? Romney made part of his fortune by buying companies, stripping their value and putting thousands out of work. You think he’s not going to have the profit motive as his number one priority and not universal health care.

        • 1/5 to 1/6 of the US economy is healthcare related. Healthcare functions at the micro level based on series of small financial transactions. These transactions add up. Everybody in the healthcare world has to get their share of the payment, they’re part of the pie. Romney is a good choice because he managed healthcare at the state level in a way that costs to consumers and was fair to providers. Universal health Care is still just a dream, when there’s a solid proposal being debated then we can talk about how to change the flow of those dollars. Until then, we have to live with the market as it is now. It’s a hard truth but one you’ll have to live with.

          • Romney care was a failure in Mass. If not for federal funding it would not suport itself. I hope hes learned from his mistakes and can fix it instead of jacking our taxes higher

      • You don’t know much about Romney and his son
        that worked in Ukraine do you.
        Corrupt deals & kickbacks from China Ukraine & Iran
        you should do some research, instead of
        listening to mainstream propaganda.

      • You mean one country, where from the moment of the election of a president we speak of a “resistance” and call for his impeachment. Where we subject him for 3 years to investigation for charges known to be false by those who are promoting them. Where, in the last year of his term, we subject him to an impeachment process over the flimsiest of charges which is known beforehand to be impossible to be ratified, all the while distracting his administration from a developing pandemic. Where he was openly and repeatedly condemned by prominent members of his opposition as a racist, homophobe, misogynist, islamophobe, anti-semetic, and by intimation was anyone who supported him. You mean that kind of unified country?

      • Agree! His experience and success will be transferred to his new job. Great choice to serve “The People “. Let’s unite!

      • Thank you for this profound statement. I really hope more decent Republicans will surface now that the liar-n’chief will no longer be muzzling and intimidating them for not worshiping him. Now they will be able to work together and have ADULT discussions on what’s best for the country, not what’s best for Donald.

        • Are you blind to all the things Trump has accomplished despite the constant attacks and distractions from the left?? It would be a disgrace if all this progress disapoears. Welcome to high taxes, higher unemployment, high gas prices, a weaker economy, China’s gain on the economic stage, worsening relations in the Middle East, Iran and North Korea. Just to name a few.

      • That’s odd why did the Democrats treat him just like trump when he ran for President (remember he didn’t pay his taxes for the past 10 years. 🙄 And they did the same to McCain. Democrats only like Republicans that turn on Trump or are dead..

      • Isn’t it interesting that when the left knows they have lost the argument on any issue they immediately resort to name calling?

    • No dear – you have that backwards. Romney and McCain are/were true old school Republicans. The people who follow trump are being lead down a path to destruction. Trump is not a Republican. He is not a Christian. He doesn’t care about others. He has no empathy, compassion and he is not a kind person. Please take a deep look at who he is and what he stands for. If you can’t see past your wallet – there is your answer.

      • From the time he began campaigning in 2015 I noticed almost every issue he talked about revolved around money. $$ EVERYTHING. He seemed to think America was his COMPANY. Look at all the people he appointed who were either fired or resigned. Sickening. A failed businessman who never should have been elected to be President of the most powerful country in the WORLD. Someone with no comprehension regarding allies. People must have had their minds in their wallets or hoped his wallet would bestow them somehow. I will never understand how EVANGELICALS could have supported someone so non-Christlike. He is against abortion, but supports separating children from their parents? No empathy, no morals. A true tyrant and wannabe dictator. He practically RUINED our democracy. So full of propaganda and LIES, yet his supporters bought-in to his character! Mindblowing! Thank goodness, it’s OVER.

          • I pray to God he runs again so we can beat him again lol. New generation Z voters every year, more boomers and early Gen X dying every year. Yes, Trump, please run again!!!

        • He “all of the sudden” became against abortion when he ran for president. Prior to that he was Pro-Choice and that is a fact. Trump is a liar, he’s fake, he’s an actor. He will mirror his image to whatever makes him loved.

      • Romney and McCain are (were) traitors to the
        United State.
        they did a lot of corrupt deals with China Ukraine &
        Iran !
        you’re just another low IQ individual who believes mainstream propaganda…
        The left are going to bring down our Republic 👺

  2. Stop it!!!! No more back stabbings. I’m so sick of all the negativity that has been running for 4 years. It’s now a new leaf!!!! Leave Biden alone!!!!

    • No. The Democrats put this country through hell because they refused to accept the 2016 election results. They are calling for Trump supporters to punished and harrassed. They don’t get to sit easy after they caused so much division and racial tension/

      • Dafuq are you talking about? Hillary and Dems conceeded on the night of the election iirc. Or very shortly afterwards. I’m willing to bet money that Trump NEVER conceeds. He will fan the flames of partisan hate (“make liberals cry!!” “fuck your feelings!!” “Lock her up!!”) and amplify conspiracy theories for the rest of his life on Earth.

      • Literal Nazis marched in favor of Trump and he called them “good people” – who is it who caused racial tension?

      • Somebody’s either a baby (politically) or just has short memory. Here are the facts. The hatred/division politics started in 1992. When Bill Clinton beat Bush 41, Republicans could not help themselves. In the middle of his first term, they launched an investigation into a failed business deal that the Clintons had been involved with in the 1980s. Then in 1996 Bill Clinton added to their angst by beating Bob Dole in to win a second term, all this while facing a Special Council investigation into the so-called Whitewater Controversy [see

        Finding no credible evidence against the Clintons, the Republican congress broadened the mandate of the Special Council, which eventually ended with the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent impeachment of Bill Clinton. Then there was the little matter of a Conservative-leaning SCOTUS halting ballot recount in Florida in 2000 and declaring Bush 43 the winner.

        Then a little-known African-American named Barack Hussein Obama became POTUS 44, and all hell broke loose. Republicans once again were beside themselves with anger. They couldn’t stand to have a black President. Evangelicals called him the anti-Christ. They labeled him a moslem. They claimed he wasn’t born in America. The birther movement was born. They forced him to have to show his birth certificate, and that was inconclusive to some. There was the infamous “we will make him a one-term President” pledge by “Mitch and the Gang”, the blocking of judicial appointees, the refusal to even table bills passed by the lower house (Congress), all which were designed to make him unable to govern, leaving Obama with only one tool to govern with, Executive Orders.

        Then there was Donald J. Trump. With renewed fame from his championing of the birther movement, he rode triumphantly into the White House, despite his patently false statements and demagoguery. And he proceeded to bust all norms of civil society, resort to name-calling, and more lies. I need not go on.

        So if you really want to apportion blame for the divided country we live in, look further than 2017. Republicans bear the most blame. To those who think “Karma is a bitch” and wish the worst on the Biden Administration, remember that when elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers. Let’s heed Biden’s entreaty. Let’s decide to not see our opponents as the enemy that must be destroyed at whatever cost, for there is such a thing as a Pyrrhic victory.

    • Thanks for speaking for everyone that voted for Biden. We are done with the mean spirited disrespect and hate. Period.

    • You have got to be kidding me?!! 4 years of completely stabbing President Trump not in the back, but right in his face, and NOW you say it’s time to stop the negativity??!! What hypocrisy.

  3. Romney made his millions by buying businesses, liquidating them and selling off assets leaving thousands of people without jobs! He is not a good person and especially for working people. I’m disappointed.

  4. Hey Buffalo Chronicle there is no such thing as a Biden Administration….yet. He has not won anything as of yet.

    • Time for all of us to face the reality that the election is about to be certified with final vote tallies and Mr. Biden is indeed now the president-elect.

    • Biden won big time. Trump did not have any problems when the media announced the winner four years ago. People don’t get it.

      • Funny , Trump was way ahead on Election night
        but when we woke up the morning of November 4th there had been huge amounts of ballot dumps for Biden
        There is massive voter fraud and software machine rigging the votes !
        MSM is covering for Biden
        & you’re being duped.

        • You need to get this evidence you have to the election officials of every state as quickly as you can. I know you would not make such definitive statements based on rumor and innuendo. Clearly you have the goods. I look forward to seeing you in all your glory at the congressional hearings and various courtrooms across America as you detail your conclusive and documented data. Go get these MSM lackeys. Oh, you may want to review the mail in ballot process for each state and what count all the votes means before you present the evidence of massive voter fraud and software rigging.

    • Keep believing that! Then again, you believe a THRICE MARRIED, whore mongering, porn star paying for sex homunculus is a christian!

      Poor you!

  5. If you voted for Biden, you are either completely uninformed or lack all wisdom, there is no third option

    • Democracy voted for Biden. Decent people who can tell the difference between a self centered ego-manic who doesn’t care about anyone but himself voted for Biden. Americans voted for a decent person (not a perfect person) but a decent person who actually LOVES AMERICA. He will reunite our American values and stop the divisiveness. Maybe in due time you will realize this.

  6. Romney’s state healthcare plan was applauded by many Republicans until it was essentially embraced and passed as the ACA under Obama – at which point – Republicans fought it because they didn’t want healthcare as a win for his Administration. Not at all surprised to see Biden reach out to Romney for this. Just curious what Sanders’ opinion of this pick will be.

  7. I for one am sick of the political gods that we keep putting before US. If we are to ever regain our full sovereignty status, these control games and the mis-leaders that run them have got to be abolished. We’ve been government chattel since the day of our birth starting with the slapping on of the birth certificate.
    As Einstein said, you cannot solve problems on the same level that was used to create them. Governments have created all the problems that this world is now suffering with. All the wars all the poverty. And they steal from their serfs constantly! It’s time for a change. And we the people are demanding it!

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