Whistleblower suspects Philadelphia political operatives have been manufacturing ballots

A longtime election worker in Philadelphia is telling The Chronicle that three political operatives with close ties to Election Commissioner Omar Sabir have been given special access to sections of the Philadelphia Convention Center where more than 12% of all votes cast in the State have been counted.

The source, who has not achieved full vestment of his public pension and therefore asked not to be named for fear of retaliation, does not know why the political operatives have been given special access to the facility or what they are doing in rooms that are not accessible to election workers.

He suspects the operatives are producing fraudulent ballots, based on his observation of abrupt and lopsided additions to the vote count that were “out of pace” with the staff’s hourly capacity constraint. The whistleblower believes the vote count operation was “intentionally understaffed” despite ample manpower within the county that was not scheduled to perform the count.

The political operatives in question are well known in local political circles, are well-connected in the Italian American community, and each have known criminal records. The Chronicle has declined to publish those names here.

Omar has been serving as an election Commissioner since January 6, 2020, prior to which he worked in the office of State Senator Vincent Hughes and is seen as close to State Representative Louise Williams Bishop.

Board of Commissioners’ website describes Sabir:

Through grassroots engagement in barbershops and community centers, Omar created voter education campaigns to highlight the importance of registering to vote, the impact of elections and the threat of voter suppression. Most notably, Omar is the architect of the popular Vote Philly Vote campaign for the 2018 Midterm Elections. For his volunteer service to Philadelphia, Omar has been honored by the Ducky Birts Foundation and former Congressman Robert Brady for Recognition & Achievement of Vote Philly Vote, and he received the Lucien E. Blackwell Guiding Light of the Community Award.

Omar won a judgeship in the state of Pennsylvania. Although the Traffic Court was abolished in 2013, just prior to the start of Omar’s tenure, the huge margin of his Democratic primary victory showed the reach of his passion and support.

The whistleblower says that the political operatives were seen entering and exiting the building in the dark of night, through secondary entrances, and he postulates that — if surveillance cameras were working regularly that night — that video footage should be easily retrievable.

Supporters of Donald J. Trump are demanding that late mail in ballots are taken out of published vote totals.

“If the FBI questions Sabir, and asks him which individuals have had access to the building who are not election workers or employees of the Board of Commissioners, then he will either identify the political operatives in question or will purger himself,” the whistleblower alleges.

Election officials have prevented independent observers from sufficiently accessing the Philadelphia Convention Center, where the count is being conducted, despite a court order demanding that they be allowed within six feet of ballot processing.

President Donald J. Trump has called the election a fraud. Despite a federal court order, the Philadelphia elections registrar refused to segregate ballots that were received after election day or in cases where the postmark was unclear.

It’s unlikely that the public will have confidence in the integrity of the Pennsylvania election, regardless of the eventual published vote totals. Voters across the State have been demanding that the election be re-conducted within 30 days, requiring in person voting with photo-identification to access a ballot.

If neither presidential candidate has 270 electoral votes — or if the Pennsylvania election is unable to be certified by the House for a lack of public confidence in the results — then the House of Representatives will elect the next President.

In that scenario, each state congressional delegation has one vote to cast. The outgoing House of Representatives had 27 majority-Republican caucuses, a number that is expected to grow in the incoming Congress.

Kathy Boockvar has published scathing commentary about President Donald J. Trump on her Twitter account prior to being named Secretary of State under Democrat Governor Tom Wolf. She is now in charge of statewide elections.

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  1. Considering the recent and past history of the damnocrap leadership, there is no doubt in my mind that fraud has occurred in the election process perpetrated by these liars and criminals.

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