Yearbook shows Democrat Senate candidate in Arizona dressed as Hitler

A digital publication, The National File, published a series of photos late last week from the 1986 yearbook of Mark Kelly, the Democrat nominee for United States Senate from Arizona, which appear to show him dressed as Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler for a Halloween party while attending the Merchant Marine Academy.

Kelly has been polling competitively in a close contest against Senator Martha McSally, and race is considered a toss up. Given the narrowly divided Senate, the contest has attracted national attention.

A surrogate for Kelly has denied that he is the individual who appears in the photograph, but classmates were unable to provide the name of the classmate whom the photo might otherwise depict.

Some activists in Arizona’s Jewish-American community have called on Kelly to apologize for the incident.

Mark Kelly’s full yearbook page is seen here, including a photo of him wearing what appear to be the same pair of sunglasses used in the Hitler costume.


    • He doesn’t deny the lower photo is him. Its unfortunate that the photo of the guy dressed as Hitler has the same hair, face shape, and….wtfu, its the same guy, dud.

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