Source: Nude videos, photos of underage girls found on Biden laptop

A retired FBI agent formerly assigned to the Newark field office tells The Chronicle that nude photos of underaged women were found on the laptop once owned by Hunter Biden, in addition to an archive of Facetime video chats, text message exchanges, and emails that shed light on his deeply troubled life and his father’s systematic pay-for-access operation.

In some text message communications Biden appears resentful of his role in the scheme, even complaining to his sister that he is required to transfer more than half of his income to family members, including to the former Vice President.

In one instance, Biden demands more than $10 million from a Chinese counterpart for ‘introductions only’, and millions more from an oligarch from Kazakhstan. In another instance he demands more than $25,000 a month from an overseas client who is looking to lobby his father.

On another occasion Biden complains to a business partner that a Russian oligarch had sent investment funds directly to a Buffalo-based start up, Bak USA, rather than routing the money through his investment vehicle, Rosemont Seneca.

Biden interpreted the situation as a snub, and thought that Yelena Nikolayevna Baturina, a major government contractor who was married to the late Mayor of Moscow, was trying to ‘circumvent’ him. Biden received more than $3.5 million in total from Baturina. Bak USA shutdown its operations in 2019.

In one text message exchange with his father, Hunter seemingly admits to an improper relationship with a 14-year-old girl with whom he apparently engaged in nude Facetime sessions. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has seen the text message exchange, which also suggests that Biden’s therapist may have been aware of his behavior.

Many of the images of young women on the hard drive appeared to be from China, and their ages could not be immediately determined.

While his father served as Vice President, Hunter Biden was known to have regularly consumed drugs — reportedly including crack cocaine — at a gritty Washington, DC nightclub known as Archibald’s.


    • Like father like son. Both of them are depraved perverts. Read my comments just posted which were actually taken from the readers comments in today’s article in The Epoch Times, headline Exclusive: Hunter Biden and CCP-Tied Billionaire Had Close Relationship: Texts Reveal.

    • Because it doesn’t fucking matter. He’s not running for president you idiot.

      Only Trump is dumb enough to appoikt his unqualified offspring to offices they all failed miserably at.

      • The only fucking idiot here is you. It does matter, as his father is running for president. Clueless, but don’t let that stop you from trying to think, you’ll figure it out eventually.

        • I’ve no doubt the photos are real and the only interesting thing about them is that we have numerous first hand accounts of Trump raping people, credible evidence of his molesting and raping underage woman and wild rumors (unsubstantiated) that the modern equivalent of the KGB has a nice video of Trump wanking while two underage moscovites piss on each other for his pleasure.
          None of that shit sticks to Trump so I’m wondering why Hunter who is his son is relevant to Biden. This is clearly another foreign Govt poltiically manipulating the shitfuckery that is America.

          • No logic, no curiosity, no investigation, just regurgitating partisan lies, revealing a pathetic educational system and a bottomless envy…

          • Fusion GPS Dossier was a complete fabrication. John Brennan even had a grin on his face admitting the entire allegations against were false and that Hillary only used a political tactic.

          • Liberals are so fucking dense. Is it too much for you pea brained fucktards to see the avalanche of evidence against the meth mouth and his daddy? Trump fucked alot hot chicks but is a square. He has understood for 50 years to play only along the edges of grey areas and only w/ the a-team of lawyers. The Bidens are crackheads swimming in the deep end …balls deep. You all had 4 years and millions of dollars and found nothing to stick. Your side cant even get his tax return out. Our side sat back did nothing and let Hunter fuck up all on his own. Amazing isnt it!!!

          • You have no credible evidence of Trump molesting underage women, raping anyone. If he raped someone why didn’t they come forward years ago. We know the NYTs and WaPo need little evidence to publish dirt let alone “credible evidence”. Ooohhhh but Russia has something…..well it must be pretty weak since he has sanctioned them so tight they can’t get a simple vacation Visa to pay a visit. But we have an actual photo of Biden grasping a women’s breast from behind as she’s trying to lower his hands. Joe Biden smells kids hair and kisses them as the uncomfortably move away. He’s got dementia and said he was running against George this week. You know no one likes him, or thinks he’s effective. He’s not and he is going to lose big

            • And, we have photos of President Wundumfuk molesting Ivanka and trading her with Epstein for another young girl. What kind of sick person trades his daugter to a known child rapist? Why, another child rapist. You #MAGATS are a sick bunch of unAmerican assholes.

            • Do you need Donald to tell you when to go to the toilet too you idiot? If you had a functioning brain cell you’d be dangerous.

          • None of that sticks to Trump because there is LITERALLY ZERO EVIDENCE OF IT. ZERO! Not ONE photo. Not ONE video. Not ONE email. Not ONE text. Not one piece of evidence whatsoever other than RUMORS that we now know, according to declassified CIA documents were the TOTAL INVENTION of the Hillary campaign, that they colluded with ACTUAL RUSSIAN AGENTS to concoct.

            Meanwhile we have THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of emails, texts, documents, pictures, and videos proving EVERYTHING the Bidens have been accused of! And Trump was IMPEACHED just got trying to get it investigated!

            How can Democrats be so delusional?? I thought you people were supposed to care about FACTS and SCIENCE??

        • Yeah, but he’s collecting money for his dad “The Big Guy” and received a $5 million interest free loan from China which he didn’t have to pay back for his “family.” The corruption comes from the top.

      • It matters..Joe is running and it shows how corrupt he is and how he lies. Just because he grins alot doesn’t fool anyone but the naive. He sold himself.

      • It sure mattered when the FBI investigates Don Trump Jr and you sleazeballs accused him of treason. His son in law negotiated Middle East peace but that’s a failure. Ivanka got bigger child care credits and had millions donated by countries around the world to further women’s entrepreneurship opportunities. His sons manage a multi billion dollar business. But they are all failures. What a joke you are. You hate it because Trump’s children are successful, poised, polite and skilled adults who don’t drink or do drugs. Joe Biden has had several homes held in his son’s name. Hunter said pops takes 50% of every deal and Hunter is mandated how to use that money to pay the family bills. Joe is basically money laundering through his son. His son takes dirty money and cleans it up through off shore accounts and invests in homes, pays grandkids college bills, keeps his dead brother’s wife afloat. Joe is corrupt as they come. I mean you could almost say well he did that but look what he’s done for our country! Except he hasn’t done a fucking thing so you may hate Trump but he has accomplished more for the middle class in 4 years than Joe did in 47

      • Yeah except the emails and texts on the laptop PROVE that Joe Biden was directly participating in ALL of these illegal business schemes and the only reason Hunter was involved was to act as a proxy for Joe and launder the money to keep it secret and off the official record. AND the fact that Joe knew his son is a Pedophile that had sexual relations with children and helped cover it up. The whole family is SICK and EVIL

    • 100% Surpressed, ie. Hidden from the Public by the FAKE NEWS (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBS, MSNBC, NPR Radio and Many Other Leftist leaning Networks! The Biden Family are CROOKS! Google It! These Bastards are making money off of Political Influence, Favors for Money, that is Illegal and if not Illegal, Immoral! Fact is, 48% of the Voting Public are being Brainwashed! They do not believe that Democratic Party could have shifted so far to the Political Left that they are now a Socialist Party! Government Takeover! Forget all of our Brothers and Sisters in the Military that Died in Wars for Freedom, they died for NOTHING if Biden Wins! Socialist are ruled by Dictators! Dictators steal your money, property and your Freedom! (been to Cuba lately folks?)

      • “FAKE NEWS” coming from the guy commenting on a website that is as far right as it can go, and posts propaganda and conspiracy theories as news. Quick check on

        “Overall, we rate The Buffalo Chronicle Questionable based on far-right-wing bias, a complete lack of transparency, promotion of propaganda/conspiracy theories and several failed fact checks.”

        • And yet the FBI and our national intelligence agencies rate the laptop 100% genuine and not the product of any Russian campaign 🤔

          Thing is, we KNOW that Democrats know the laptop is real. We KNOW that Democrats know that Biden was taking bribes from China and everything he’s been accused of its true. They simply don’t care. Because they have no morals and they hate Trump more than they love America (which is “not at all”). They would GLADLY burn this whole country to the ground rather than let Trump have it.

          But pretending that this scandal doesn’t exist will only work for so long. They’re hoping that as long as they make it to the election they’ll be safe, but they forget that no matter what Trump is still President until January. Hunter Biden is CURRENTLY under investigation by the FBI

  1. Terrible example for our young kids and embarrassing for our country to have this type of people in the government of this great nation!! Thank God we have President Donald J Trump!! 🙏🇺🇸❤️👍👏❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🙏👍👏👏👏

    • ROFLOL “Thank God we have President Donald J Trump”! Talk about a failure in our education and morals! After what creature 45 (DJT), his enabling republicans and the Rabid Religious Right aka Evangelicals(who are no better than jihadist Muslims) have done to this country and probably soon to come, the undoing of many people’s basic, civil and human rights. NOTHING you could tell/show me compares! All this about the Bidens is speculation, talk. We KNOW what creature 45 is about! We know it’s bad news and it’s family too!

      • I’m not aware of Evangelicals running around cutting heads off of people who draw cartoons of Jesus nor would they. They liklely would pray for the person, though. I know THAT must really terrify you…
        All the major civil/human rights abuses have come from Democrats: Slavery (Lincoln was a Republican), poll taxes, the KKK- the political action-arm of southern Dems., Planned Parenthood, the Japanese internment camps under Roosevelt, etc.

  2. it appears that Hunter Biden’s laptop contents are being released by 3rd party..I was seeing some photos of what appeared to be Hunter Nude with a young Nude Black Girl/woman..all you could see was her back in this photo but as they blew the photo up there was cocaine on the table lined up with a credit card and the card was issued to one of Ex President Obama’s Daughters..they also had come photos of Hunter with his 14 yr old niece in that looked inappropriate. they said there was 7 other young girls/women one being senator Coons Daughter…I have no idea if any of this is true but if it’s not someone has done a great job photoshopping this because it looks real.. You know who really needs to be investigated is the Upper tier of the FBI….they have basically committed treason in my opinion by keeping the contents of this computer hidden…

  3. This is all a bunch of lies! Just like Trump and his administration to come up with this bull s&$t right before the election! Look who’s putting it out there! Rudy and Steve Brannon. Come on people…. get your heads out if Trumps a$$

    • How is it lies it’s literally right there in front of you Jesus Christ the one only who has their head in the sand is you

      • What, are lies typically behind you? No, lies are “right there in front of you” too. It doesn’t make them facts.

    • For real! Tell it Ms Sue! Steve Bannon! ROFLOL Already ran a scam on creature 45’s wall BS. Plus he always looks like he just pulled his head out from between the legs of clap infested $2.00 whore! Take shower already man!

    • The FBI and National Intelligence have already confirmed using expert forensics that the laptop and everything on it is 100% genuine. Typical Democrat refusing to trust the experts and our own intelligence agencies

  4. Concept of the Bible” An overseer must manage his own household well and keep his children under control, with complete dignity. He must not be the US President”

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