Rumors swirl in North Carolina: Democrat running for US Senate asked woman to ‘tickle my taint’

It could all just be a matter of dirty politics — rumor and innuendo run amuck — but the race for US Senate in North Carolina has been drawing national headlines.

The Democrat nominee running for United States Senate from North Carolina is the subject of wide-ranging rumors that another explosive series of intimate text messages could further shake the high-profile congressional contest. It’s being rumored that cell phone text messages and videos between Cal Cunningham and a female political consultant from California contain even racier language than first revealed last month when a series of text message exchanges shocked voters.

For many women voters, Cunningham is becoming something of a heart throb. The tall, handsome, and muscular former military officer is doing well in polling — especially among women of a certain age.

One screenshot of an email exchange that is said to have been circulating earlier this week around the State Capitol in Raleigh. The exchange purportedly includes Cunningham asking the consultant to “tickle my taint with that dirty tongue” and on another occasion asking for “dat cocoa butter booty”.

The Chronicle is unable to confirm the existence of a cell phone video that has been the subject of much chatter. That video is rumored to depict Cunningham receiving oral sex while in military uniform from a woman who may or may not be his wife.

According to one political staffer working in the North Carolina State Senate, Cunningham, 47, is exceptionally well endowed. The staffer estimates his genitalia at more than eight-and-a-half inches in length — a fact that has female voters swooning.

When Marla Nylon, 53, an independent voter of Rolesville, NC was asked what she thought about the rumors, she responded to a local columnist, “for him, I’d be open to trying new things — especially in a uniform role-play situation.”

Cunningham has been married since 2000 and has two children. He joined the National Guard in 2002 and served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, for which he received the Bronze Star.

It’s unclear where recent political rumors have been originating.

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