MSNBC pays Ari Melber nearly twice what it pays Joy Reid, igniting gender pay scandal

Recent revelations that suggest gender and race-based pay inequities at MSNBC are shaking the news organization. It’s been widely rumored that the network’s flagship primetime anchor — Joy Reid — makes less in total compensation than her daytime counterpart, Ari Melber.

Reid is an African American woman and is one of the most influential voices in progressive politics, while Melber is a white man with an hour-long run-of-the-mill daytime program. Reid also makes less than her male African American counterpart, Craig Melvin, although he anchors a daytime hour on MSNBC in addition to his role with the Today Show on NBC.

MSNBC and its parent company are under fire for paying its minority and women news anchors less than their male counterparts.

Media observers say that the network risks repetitional damage and staff departures among its left-leaning audience.

Progressive activists have been calling on MSNBC to publicly release its compensation agreements with all of its on-air talent — largely in order to expose whether or not the network has been engaging in systemic discrimination in its pay practices, the prospect of which would expose extraordinary hypocrisy given the network’s left-wing editorial perspective.

Many network employees suspect that that male anchors, on average, make more than 150% of the pay rate of their female counterparts. Chris Hayes, Joe Scarborough, and Chuck Todd are widely thought to make ‘exorbitant’ salaries, incongruent with their talent relative to the salary valuations of the network’s female and minority anchors.

Chris Hayes, who grew up in the Riverdale section of New York City and attended Brown University, is one of the network’s highest paid personalities — despite his program’s lagging ratings.


  1. This is a simple one.

    NBC is not the smartest network around. They let Megyn Kelly walk out
    the door with over 90 MILLION dollars. I would have had her grandchildren
    answering discovery, interrogatories and attending depositions years
    after Megyn was gone.

    How about Lester Holt. When Brian Williams was put on punishment detail
    they offered Lester less money. Lester demanded what Brian was getting
    and he (Lester) got it.

    The bottom line is if you are a sleeping dog, NBC will let sleeping dogs lie.


  2. Holy crap! The article says she’s “… one of the most influential voices in progressive politics”! What a load lf crap! She’s about as anti-progressive as anyone can be!

    The author of this article clearly has an agenda, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the truth.

  3. MS”LSD” is a nutbar disorganization with airhead ANALysts and opinionists who do report the facts, only their politically correct agenda, It has many moronic fake news regressives on its payroll like the morning “Schmoe” who is an overpaid useless propagandist with the IQ of a dish towel.

  4. Joy is relatively new to her prime time program, after having been a fill-in and weekend host. Ari Melber has had a daily hour for several years. Chris Hayes has had a prime time (and more “flagship”) show for over 7 years. Chuck Todd is director of news for NBC. . .etc., etc. I like Joy, but these hosts aren’t all apples-to-apples.

  5. Nothing quite says “garbage journalism” than an overtly opinionated hit piece without any attribution. At least have the decency to put your name to it.

  6. Let’s not overlook the fact that Ari is also Chief Legal Correspondent for MSNBC as well. Joy is just a journalist.

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