Reservoir State Park should be sold to accommodate ‘Disney Tesla Adventure’, planners argue

Local urban planners are arguing that New York’s Reservoir State Park — located just outside of Niagara Falls in Lewiston, NY, along Interstate-190 and adjacent to the Niagara Power Project — should be sold to accommodate to Disney or another national theme park operator.

The State Park is one of New York’s most underutilized. Planners want the State Park developed into a year-round ‘Tesla-themed’ amusement park, comprised mainly of roller coasters interspersed with innovation and science-oriented exhibit experiences.

Economic development officials inside Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s administration are receptive to selling the 160-acre property — especially if the buyer is a firm like Universal Parks and Resorts, Six Flags, Cedar Fair Entertainment, or SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.

In comparison to the site’s 160-acres, the Fantasy Island amusement park in Grand Island is about 48-acres of rides and attractions, while Darien Lake is 85-acres of rides and attractions (excluding concert, parking, and camping areas).


  1. Had to stop a moment to verify which park this was as there are so many excellent green spaces in the area and at first I had to pause until I saw the area you referred to. This is an interesting thought though I see the area community, especially the upper middle and beyond up in arms over the idea. Location wise for such a theme it makes sense, as does the location being so close to the border. Even better is the the possible coordination between both area schools, especially NU with their tourism program. I think the community needs to listen more before immediately dismissing it.

    • that comment was before looking more into the matter and seeing this is reported NOWHERE else and seems to sum up a common trend on this site which led to more digging and I feel embarrassed to have been duped by the same sort of thing I warn my elderly parents about.

  2. Jes Nemo, you are not alone. So many people see the headlines posted by this absolute joke of a journal……last week it was about North Tonawanda residents wanting their police to be able to accept sexual favors. A few months ago it was an article about “Big Black C**k” and how a sex industry was going to rise on Main Street in Niagara Falls. No sources, just vague references. Last week they quoted the “Coalition of Suburban Women Voters”, which doesn’t exist. Sheer garbage by an attention-seeking weasel. Kudos for posting your second post…

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