Tonawanda terminates Officer Rider over sexual misconduct, but not before hearing a mouth full

The Town of Tonawanda’s Town Board voted unanimously to authorize Supervisor Joe Emminger to terminate Police Department dispatcher Brett Rider on sexual misconduct allegations that the Town is refusing to disclose to the public.

Rider is declining to make public comment on the misconduct allegations on the advice of his attorney, Paul Weiss. The Chronicle is unable to test the veracity of widespread rumors that Rider was propositioned by a married woman, but days after the tryst her husband learned of the encounter and was displeased. He is thought to have filed a complaint against Rider, who has deep ties in the community.

A pro-police group demonstrated outside Town Hall while the meeting was taking place. They marched down Delaware Avenue and Sheridan Drive.

Some expect Rider to file a lawsuit against the Town, presumably for wrongful termination and reinstatement. Others suspect that he is in possession of explosive information regarding the Department’s current leadership — and that he may or may not present it to the Western District of New York.

The Town of Tonawanda is known for having a young and exceptionally attractive police force, which has long been a subject of much social commentary.

“It’s not uncommon for women to proposition you when you’re in uniform,” notes one officer in his late 30s who asked not to be named. “Of course, you could never have sex on duty and you have to be compliant with department policy at all times, but it’s a nice compliment to hear from time to time if she is being respectful about it.”

Another group of supporters demonstrated outside the Town of Tonawanda Police Headquarters.

A women’s group calling themselves the Coalition of Suburban Women Voters has been advocating for departmental policy changes that would allow officers to receive ‘sexual gratuities’, so long as they are not requested, coerced, or exchanged to avoid arrest.

The group had planned a succession of speakers at the Monday night meeting, but much of the group became anxious after the issue started gaining media attention. They intend to continue to push for the policy changes, irrespective of officer Rider’s employment position, but they insist they need more time to finalize the precise policy language so that it is more polished for public presentation.

While the meeting was being conducted inside of Town Hall, a pro-police group was rallying support outside — marching down Delaware Avenue and to the police department’s headquarters on Sheridan Drive.

The Town Board Meeting raised more questions than answers.


  1. What the hell is wrong with people today? I can’t believe what I’m reading here. They are advocating for departmental policy changes that would allow officers to receive ‘sexual gratuities’, so long as they are not requested, coerced, or exchanged to avoid arrest? Is this city full of Horny Wh**es?

    • Not just the city, some how this is acceptable for women to do to men, but it’s really sexual assault. I have a hard time thinking that a cat call is illegal for a man to a woman, but a woman can ask you for sex blatantly and that’s ok? BS. if a man asks a woman officer for sex, guaranteed charges.

  2. The last time the TTPD arrested and fired an employee, it backfired. The employee filed a countersuit. The town concluded that depositions and cross examination could potentially expose some damning information and perhaps a Federal inquiry.

    If you don’t who someone is, then maybe the best course is to tread lightly. -W.W.

  3. Not a single one of these people marching were for Mr. Rider. Although he is very similar to Mr. Trump I’m sorry to say it wasn’t for bim

  4. The DA’s strategy with people in uniform is to pile on the charges and then play good cop by offering a plea to a lower offense. Look at what Flynn’s office is doing to the BPD cops who were (over) charged with assaulting that disturbed old man who rushed them, took a pratfall and had it filmed it receive a huge payout. Not to mention the prosecutorial incompetence in the Corasanti case.

  5. Will the Town of Tonawanda Police Criminal Investigation Bureau file a subpoena with the hosting service for the Buffalo Chronicle Media Group, requesting all IP Addresses of commenters?

    • Good luck with that one. Did you ever hear of the
      First Amendment? It provides for five (5) separate
      freedoms with Freedom of the Press as one of them.

  6. There was a sloven, obese, grotesque medic that worked for the Town. Continually pawing, poking and playing grab-ass with the guys and making inappropriate comments on calls and in briefing. If you were her mark and refused to play her games, she’d do what she could to make your life miserable. Like marching off to the captain and reporting some fictitious complaint about your conduct on an aid call. Then you’d be called in front of this guy to defend yourself against manufactured garbage. The Town has always been a toxic workplace.

  7. Wasn’t a ttp medic fired years ago for some nefarious activity related to a female patient they were attending to? Betcha that one didn’t make the news. Isn’t the cop who reported him still on the job?

  8. Sexual harassment is the least of their worries. Does anyone realize how many cops at that station have come down with cancer or some other deadly incurable disease?
    One cop died in his 30’s.
    Everything under the suspended ceiling is pure friable asbestos, and they’re always in there pulling wires or doing something to send the asbestos throughout the central air system.

  9. They should be able to have sex if it’s offered, but not while on duty. Sometimes it’s their duty to please that booty.

    • You all know the truth at All times.
      And keep the “man code?”
      Shame on you all willing to be first one in, last one out but not a man enough to stand alone holding on to the hose.
      Y’all all did it to me~ Left me in the smoke alone!!
      Dammit you all knew the truth.
      Your brave men and women…. NOW BE TRULY ETHICAL, MORAL, and Remember your Character!!
      Be Brave

      • The Town of Tonawanda Board needs to address the corruption, mismanagement, misconduct and incompetence within the Police Department. This type of behavior has been going on there for years, it’s endemic but seldom spoken of. There’s an even bigger story about the TTPD that’s not yet hit the news.

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