Tonawanda residents want a new policy that allows police to accept ‘sexual gratuities’

Following tawdry rumors over a sexual misconduct allegation against a popular career police officer, Brett Rider, 46, several Town of Tonawanda residents are pushing the Town Board to change its policies to allow officers to receive ‘sexual gratuities’ while on duty.

The policy would not allow officers to request sexual gratuities under any circumstance, but in the event that such a non-monetary gratuity is offered, the officer would not be punished for accepting it, so long as the encounter is less than 15 minutes and the officer declines to take his next scheduled 15 minute break.

The Town of Tonawanda is planning to discuss the possible termination of Rider, a veteran public safety dispatcher, after an internal investigation found he committed misconduct on the job. A resolution that has been prepared to terminate him will be on the agenda for Monday’s Town Board meeting.

Local police officers are not sharing their opinions on the proposed policy change.

“In this political environment, with all the horrible things being said about our police officers in the national media, this policy would be a real morale booster,” says Karen, a Tonawanda resident and supporter of the policy change who asked that her last name not be published. She is leading a woman’s group that is lobbying for the new policy, and she is encouraging other supporters of the new policy to join her at Monday’s Town Board Meeting.

“Our police officers are total gentlemen. More times than not, they would politely decline any physical gratuities,” she explains. “People should feel comfortable expressing how much they appreciate the police and the work that they do.”

The Town Board resolution doesn’t offer specifics about the misconduct, but it’s widely rumored that Rider is accused of having sexual intercourse with a married woman, age 56, while on duty. The Chronicle is unable to confirm the veracity of rumors that Rider was propositioned by the woman and that several days later her husband learned of the encounter and was displeased.

“The Town Board took this violation of town policy very seriously,” said Tonawanda Supervisor Joseph Emminger, adding he couldn’t say anything more about a personnel matter.

Rider, 46, initially was suspended with pay before his status was changed to suspended without pay, according to officials familiar with the situation. The town began looking into Rider about a month ago after receiving a misconduct complaint, presumably from the displeased husband.

Town Attorney Mario A. Giacobbe led the investigation and reported his findings to Police Chief James Stauffiger, who concluded following a disciplinary hearing that Rider’s conduct warranted termination, according to the Town Board resolution.

The Coalition of Suburban Women Voters has also been advocating for a similar policy at the State level that would apply to the New York State Troopers. They would like to see that agency modernize its uniform as well.

The board is set to vote Monday night to grant the police chief and the town supervisor the authority to terminate Rider based on violations that are not detailed in the document.

On Saturday, Rider declined comment on the advice of his attorney, Paul D. Weiss.

The Kenmore resident has served as a public safety dispatcher with the town’s Police Department since 2001, according to his LinkedIn page. He’s also a former fire chief and fourth-generation member of the Sheridan Park volunteer fire company in the town. His family has deep and longstanding ties to Tonawanda town government.

Supporters of officer Rider are being asked to meet outside of Town Hall (2919 Delaware Avenue) five minutes or so before the Board Meeting is scheduled to begin (7:00 pm, Monday, August 31st) to arrange the order of public speakers.

It’s unclear whether the Town of Tonawanda’s Paramedics Unit will be included in a new policy that is being advocated for the police department, in which officers would be allowed to receive ‘physical gratuities’ during one of their two daily 15-minute breaks.


    • When two alduts, like, love, lust call as you see it. When you want to kiss 👮and dont because of rules in uniforms. It maybe your last time to hug express feelings. I would of now, he was killed on his shift and im still in belief a kiss, hug to hold in your 💜 forever.

      • It’s not sex if it’s blackmail. That’s rape dummy. Sex should be spoken about regularly and without taboo! Education is key, stop bringing shame into this because of a silly old book.

      • If I were caught by my boss having sex with a client on the clock, I’d be fired too. On break or not. Consensual or not. Her offering or not.

      • I agree but we are not talking about a 2 second kiss or huge. Someone else could be killed while he is fooling around on duty. Also, the 99.99% of police offices desire our utmost respect for the dangers work that they do to keep us safe. I am not sure our taxes dollars are being served just so he can take a sex day. Do that crap on his own time. Not our fault that the only time he could have sex with her is when her husband is at work.

        • someone could be getting killed while the officer was getting the mayor’s neighbor’s cat out of a tree also or an asundry of other non criminal activities ,but thay do offer many services to the community

      • They are gonna use money and the rule of law to give a person the position to offer themselves sexual favors for leniency as a form of payment for a perceived misconduct. I mean, if you wanted to bang him so badly, why don’t you when he’s off duty. This is like making prostitution from cops legal while on the job. What?!?

      • Self control is part of the job. We don’t need prostitutes running the town or anyplace else. These men and women are adults with responsibilities to their families, spouses and children. That is honor, but some hookup bs.

      • That in no way justifies legalizing sexual gratuities. The reason it’s not allowed is because cops have a hard enough time adhering to the law to start with. Offering them sexual gratuities will further the problem. “I’ll give you a blowjob if you don’t give me a ticket” – understand now?

      • Sure as long as I can drive my truck around town and drink a couple of beers along the way. Hell no to sex with traffic stops. That’s all they will do is stop young attractive women and get a hum job. How stupid

    • If you legalize this you must legalize workplace sex as well. This poses so many problems. If a party is interested in the officer, they should exchange information and continue after their shift ends, but not during.

    • You don’t need to promote sex. Sex is amazing and I can’t live without it. I don’t know how you people do it.

    • Disgusting that this was even a thought, let alone a possibility. THIS IS WHY people hate cops. How do you morons not get this? If you cant keep it in your pants for an 8 hour shift- you shouldnt be working…you got too many issues to go deal with! Gross. Well, this town is about to be a national laughingstock and no doubt theres going to be a lot of backlash coming there way- hope they are ready for it. You know, if this werent true, this would be hilarious…a cop named Rider who cant keep it in his pants while working, and a woman named Karen supporting this idea. WTF is wrong with these people?! This shit right here, needs attention and outrage and apparently these idiots need to be called out because they dont have a clue.
      ““In this political environment, with all the horrible things being said about our police officers in the national media, this policy would be a real morale booster,” says Karen, a Tonawanda resident and supporter of the policy change who asked that her last name not be published. She is leading a woman’s group that is lobbying for the new policy, and she is encouraging other supporters of the new policy to join her.”
      SERIOUSLY KAREN? WTF, SERIOUSLY? Jesus, people like this come from a small gene pool.
      If that right there isnt the icing on the rape cake…I dunno what is

    • sadly had a friends sister who never got tickets as she always offered head instead. This is probably the worst fucking idea i’ve ever heard.


        • Ever considered that even with the extra diversity-hire points added to the exam they either failed to place on the civil service list or couldn’t pass the background?

          • I’m not replying to anyone who is “anonymous” any longer.
            You don’t have the guts to back up what you say with your
            name leads me to believe that you are just a phony. Bye !

        • NEW DEMANDS

          A few things to consider: So as be be politically correct
          and non-racist it will be necessary to change the police
          department. The new socially-acceptable make up of
          the department must include 50% Whites, 50% Blacks,
          50% Females, 50% Males and a number of other various
          ethnicities. We “High Crime and Misdemeanor” motorists
          do have our own preferences.

          To fail to have a number of ethnicities represented would
          violate the New York State Civil Right Law and the Federal
          Civil Rights Act of 1964.

          Let’s do it correctly fellow motorists.


    • I read all the comments about this unusual story & spent way to much of my time. What I find interesting is that this officer is a dispatcher, not out on patrol protecting the public. He’s an operator, who cares who wife he banging. The only reason this is an issue is because the woman is loose & her husband found out & is pissed. Get over it, shit happens.

    • This will allow them to legally rape us and also film/sell that film. All the cop has to do is say ‘well she said yes.’ You know that cops ‘never lie.’

  1. You are kidding, right?
    Totally inappropriate to be in non available state while on the job, break or not. Breaks are paid time.

  2. The 5 people who’ve believed this article to be true are the reason I’m losing my faith in humanity. Their only source was just named KAREN. FUCKING KAREN. Y’all still believed it anyways.

  3. “Meet Telly Heath.” A on-duty Town of Tonawanda Police Officer places a loaded handgun into the mouth of a handcuffed African-American man while screaming racial epithets. Fact or fiction?

  4. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    1.) Town of Tonawanda Police Lt. Corey Flatau arrested for DWI after crashing his car.
    2.) Town of Tonawanda Police Officer Howard Scholl arrested for one count of falsifying business records in the first degree, a class “E” felony, and one count of insurance fraud in the fifth degree, a class “A” misdemeanor. Rumors swirls of a wide-scale cover-up, involving the highest levels of the police department.
    3.) Town of Tonawanda Paramedics Jeremy Pecoraro Pecoraro and Jon Cinelli arrested for stealing pain pills from a drug drop-off box.
    4.) Town of Tonawanda Police Chief Jerome Uschold, abruptly retires.
    5.) Off-duty Town of Tonawanda Police Captain pulls gun in City of Tonawanda Bar, is knocked out and has gun taken.

    • As a woman who was repeatedly raped by a local cop 30 years ago, your out of your fng minds to even consider this, the perpetuity to misuse and abuse would be horrific, and who would folks believe? The cop claiming it was mutual or the woman claiming rape..they have guns folks think about it..

  5. First of all I’m in shock they published this at all, if it is passed, let us say it is true and passes…who is to say their won’t be and increase of sexual assaults against women by officers, it has happened in the past. Officers are supposed to be the example of law abiding and above reproach, what message will this send? It’s disgusting and what kind of female would back or even lead the charge to make this possible, what kind of woman is so loose with her body and has such low morams that she’d bargain with sex to get out of a ticket, or even see a cop and say I need to show you just how much I appreciate you and offers sex? Why isn’t Thank you for your service good enough?
    SHAME ON YOU Buffalo Chronicle for posting such filth.

  6. I just read the Meet Telly Heath article. In the mid 1990’s a Town of Tonawanda cop shoves a Glock down a black guys throat and instead of an investigation or Federal charges, two of the cops involved are promoted to Captain. The third cop who came forward and reported the incident is FIRED. The Town of Tonawanda PD needs a complete flush and Federal oversight.

      • The Town of Tonawanda cop who reported it was hung out to dry, not to mention the car thief who had the barrel of a gun inserted into his mouth. Where the eff was the internal investigation, the Town Board or the FBI on this one? Different times I guess.

        It’s time to hear the story, and not on some cop-hating site either. A legitimate media source needs to fully investigate and expose the Telly Heath incident.

        • The information in this article, like many of the others posted by Buffalo Chronicle, is fake! How can you spread lies about a man and a department like that?? Because you claim to be a news source, people are going to believe what you are writing, which is filled with lies! How dare you do that to someone?! What is wrong with you??

  7. Thank You for bringing these allegations to light. Sounds like Mr. Rider has connections. A few months from now, the incident will quietly go away and Mr. Rider will be reinstated with full back pay, be required to attend a sexual harassment workshop and probably be promoted to Town of Tonawanda Assistant Disaster Coordinator, working alongside the disgraced ex-Chief’s daughter.

  8. 4 members of the Town of Tonawanda Police Department have been arrested. The TTPD SWAT Team was disbanded because no other police departments trusted them, and now a 911 Dispatcher is under investigation for Sexual Harassment.

    Town Supervisor Joe Emminger has done such a good job of watching over the Town that he gave himself a $9000 Annual Raise. Pat your own back Joe, well done.

  9. Q: Where can someone submit tips to the Buffalo Chronicle about ongoing malfeasance and corruption in a North-Towns suburban PD? The contact tab on the home page is non-functional and FB is not a secure venue.

  10. Since when do journalists report “rumors”. It use to be even facts had to be verified by two sources. Journalism really is dead in America.

    • This is not a rumor. Mr. Brett Rider was fired. He was a Town of Tonawanda Public Safety Dispatcher. A PSD is not a police officer or peace officer, it is a civilian position within the police department. Although I have no idea why they wear badges and also have wallet badges. Badges should only be issued to personnel with some type of authority granted by the State or local municipality.

      As for the other part of the article, why don’t you attend the Town Board meeting and see for yourself? If you’re not involved in open government, then you have no right to complain when your taxes are raised, streets go unpaved, cars speed through your kids school zone or a sexual gratuities bylaw is added to police policies and procedures.

      • Florida has the same people. they get a badge and handcuffs and given a marked car that says citizens on patrol. At least they don’t get guns!

        • You need to get your facts straight. The position of which you speak is a volunteer position which issues no badge or handcuffs, just a picture ID tag, and an identifying shirt and cap. I know because I am that volunteer!

  11. Are these women out of their mind? I grew up in the town what kind of garbage is this giving officer sexual favors in return for what? You do know that will be next! What a disgrace to the town

  12. Women’s Advocacy Group?????? Bullshit . Your proposal puts women behind not ahead . You’re encouraging them to debase themselves in order to get out of a damn traffic ticket . I thought women’s groups were supposed to stand up for the advancement of women and for respectful treatment of them. This is the opposite.

  13. What in the actual fuck is wrong with these supporters? He is a Town employee why was he away from his dispatch station while on duty?
    The bigger cluster fuck of it all is……. here is Jane she is a female. Jane has a reason to call the cops for help. Janes husband just beat the fuck out of her. Cop shows up and says I’ll do what you need if you give me a sexual gratuity….. cop with holds arresting Janes abuser because she won’t fuck him and say it was her idea!!!!! Wake up you stupid mother fuckers.

  14. So when a bellhop brings my bags to my hotel room he holds his hand out for his tip. What will a Tonawanda cop hold out when they help you

  15. This opened the door for officers to demand sexual favors to drop trumped up charges. They will pull women over, threaten them with a ticket/citation/arrest, offer them a way out of the ticket, but it’s an illusion of choice, it’s a threat. “You do this or else.”
    Officers will rape women, and when the woman claims she was raped the cop will say she was performing a “sexual gratitude” and is now just trying to “ruin a good man.” knowing that people already do not believe women/victims, that cops already protect each other, and there will be a policy in place that now doesn’t even criminalize a sex act performed on the job (consensual or not).
    If any person was caught having sex on the job they would be terminated on the spot. Cops should not be any different.
    This will be EXTREMELY abused.

  16. I call bullshit on this article….. too many items that make no sense at all. Oh yes I do possess a great deal of knowledge concerning the operation of this police department although not employed there and can tell you this article is skewed beyond the belief of any and everyone who possesses the knowledge I have or more. The title of this article is so outrageous and misleading that those responsible for it should be sued for libel.

    The T.T.P.D. has fine administrators and command staff and is a very professional department with many, many fine officers.

    • Yeah, like an Assistant Chief who was banging the Chiefs secretary. It’s not libel if it’s factual. A Chief of Police who was as degenerate as the day is long. Too bad he resigned, I mean “retired” before Cuomo changed the law about FOILable police personnel records. Can’t forget that fine esteemed Captain who shoved a gun down a black guys throat while screaming “Scared now, ni**er!” and followed up with Act2 by starting shit in Double-D’s Bar, pulling his and getting knocked the eff out. Beware, the statute of limitations on some of these crimes has not run out.

      • Please contact us with any information that you have. We respect the confidentiality of our sources and do not compromise their identities under any circumstances.

  17. What is to stop police from demanding sex then saying is was offered? Are all the people in Tonawanda retarded?

  18. The proposal is backlash for all those with hurt feelings and safe spaces who’ve made life more difficult and complicated for the working person. We live with the fear and anxiety that at any given time, a co-worker will point a finger, make an unfounded accusation, call HR and make someone’s life a living hell. The absence of facts and corroborating evidence in many of these cases is what makes it akin to the Salem Witch Trials.

  19. This policy is getting serious consideration because it is a potential cash cow for the Town. Currently each officer has a body cam that is activated during any citizen encounter.

    When a woman proposes to undo her blouse during a traffic stop, and the interlude ends up in the back seat, just overlay some 80′ s porn music and you have Girls Gone Wild meets Live PD. Charge .99 cents a minute to stream it. They could pay off the Huntley, Tonawanda Coke , lower town taxes and pay off those pesky lawsuits from unlawfully fired employees and falsely arrested brown people.

  20. Great. More encouragement for cops to rape women locked in jails. Now they can get away with it legally instead of automatically being guilty of rape – as they should be.

  21. Just trying to open avenues to protect themselves for when they rape someone on the job. Imagine being so vile you cant get laid without abusing your ill gained power. Clock put and go on tiner like the rest of us you low life woth a badge.

  22. How fucking stupid do you have to be to think an article that uses as a source “Karen”, with no last name, and then describes a town board meeting that doesn’t even address the misleading headline, is real?

    Seriously, is this a real newspaper, or some barely literate teens having fun?

  23. “She is leading a woman’s group that is lobbying for the new policy”

    Some folks just don’t understand Tonawanda Seneca culture.

  24. There is a reason that it’s illegal for police to accept any form of gratuity for doing their job. We aren’t talking about a free meal at Denny’s or a free cuppa at Tim Hortons. This is 1000% inappropriate. And the second this is taken seriously is the second we have solid proof our force is wholly corrupted. I would like to think better of our officers. What a joke.

  25. Hopefully this story gets picks up so the Town Board and police force are run through the mud for even considering this. The Karen mentioned needs to step for down from her women’s movement leadership position as her foolish idea would put so many at risk. Officers can easily abuse this quip to say a civilian “asked for it”. Not to mention the fact STIs will spread rampant. Did everyone also forget you need to wear a mask & be social distancing? Kinda makes sex with strangers (and your local pigs) even more unsafe. If she wants some benefit from showing gratitude to the boys in blue, she can get sex work legalized and then give out coupons.

  26. You need to start reporting the real news. Like the dude stabbed in Buffalo. Fucking pathetic whoever wrote all this

    • Last year, Supervisor Emminger appointed the “new” police chief, who was actually a member of the old boy network, brought up and trained under prior failed administrators. Emminger touted him as the greatest Chief ever.

      Since then, it’s more of the same disfunction, with personnel getting fired, suspended or arrested. When was the last time Amherst, Orchard Park or Cheektowaga made news for their cops getting fired or arrested? Morale at the TTPD is at an all-time low. Officers are only doing the bare minimum and it shows. Every major street is a racetrack. There is little to no enforcement of traffic laws. Try calling or emailing the TTPD about speeding cars or a traffic complaint and just see what response you get.

  27. Absolutely asinine. Might as well just legalize prostitution as well…talk about taking 10 steps backwards. Smh

  28. Once you open this kind of sex by making legal, is like opening a flood gate. The next legal sex would be pedophile whating to have sex with children and demanding it to be legalized through Washington. The pedophile capital.

    • If you are even going to spider a policy like this; You can’t just give it to one group, especially when it could be construed as a form of prostitution and the ones getting it getting special privileges ABOVE THE LAW, that they are then supposed to enforce on a plumber who gets the same gratuity?!

      They just need to legalize prostitution carte blanch or not at all and then department policy about rules if and when officers and employees can partake similar to the legalization of Cannabis. Some may find it distasteful, but I would rather have a safe, legal and regulated system where the most powerless(the ones selling their bodies) actually have power to stand up for themselves when something happens to them on or off the job. Registration and Licensing, Mandatory medical screenings for disease and illegal substances, security, benefits and legal recourse for something as simple as they didn’t get paid. I would even support Collective Bargaining for sex workers. Take the power out of the street where there are very different rules that are very harsh and unsafe for all involved.

  29. The policy will have to include homosexuals, bisexuals and female officers. if an officer pulls a dude over and offers to dismiss a ticket for a handy or a BJ, in the Ellicott Creek men’s room, some straight guys with bad driving records would probably consider it. Think of it as 15 minutes of man meat to dismiss the fines, points, and insurance hassles that come with a ticket.

  30. This might be the dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet all day. Congrats on your backwards ass town and not holding anyone accountable. Grrrrreat solution haha!

  31. since sex is a commodity,then the officer would have to declare it on a 1099 and pay taxes on the service. blowjob $100, intercourse in vagina $200, anal intercourse $300, 50/50 $400, 33/33/34 $500

    • The crimes, internal strife and corruption at the TTPD date back many years. Although the dept. is striving for reform, nothing can erase or atone for what has occurred. The deluded, paranoid individuals that had control of the dept. for years, even decades has sullied its reputation beyond repair. Bring up TTPD in conversation with anyone in the WNY law enforcement community and you’ll see eyes roll.

      The Town Board recognized this and considered a clean sweep; bringing in a chief from the outside. Emminger even researched appointing himself Police Commissioner. The Town Board went ahead and appointed an inside guy and his minion, but conditions were attached to the deal. Historically, the Chief of Police ran the department and was oftentimes was at odds with the Town Board. Now, the Town Board exerts control over the PD. Essentially, a cadre of bickering politicians oversees the police department. They even have influence over which candidates are hired from the civil service list. The current state of affairs indicates the department is destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.

      • Are you a Town employee? Do you have time to meet for coffee? A couple of The Chronicle’s reporters would like to pick your brain.

  32. Absolutely appalling as a Town of Tonawanda resident for over 25 years. I grew up here and purchased my first home here. What the hell are the people in charge thinking? What is going to stop one of theses police officers from saying give me a blow job at Sheridan Park, Elliott Creek Park and I won’t write you a ticket for speeding?????? Tonawanda Supervisor Joseph Emminger‘s wife was a catholic school teacher at St Amelia school in the Town of Tonawanda. I do not believe for one minute that the Catholic Church would support cops getting blow jobs in local parks

  33. This is why police are getting a bad name…should have known a karen would have been involved….this is truly unbelievable…cant wait to move out of this state

  34. So if an officer is in the act and gets a call, instead of coitus interruptus, is it considered coptus interruptus??
    Asking for a friend. LMAO.

  35. How do police receive sexual gratuities with their Covid PPE on? 😂 This is so ridiculous for a moment I forgot about the pandemic. Consider this note my “expression of gratitude”! Reminded me of stories of women who routinely got out of speeding tickets by servicing the public servants who pulled them over. AND why that cop pulled me over and tried to scare the pants off of me for “missing license plate light” which turned out not to be missing at all when I got home! Luckily, I got away with just an unnecessary “warning” and no “happy ending” for him. Thanks also for reminding me how predatory his motivation to “warn” me might have been. I’m unhappily beginning to expect an “uptick” in bogus pull overs! Still, thanks for the laughs, “KAREN”! Keep you blues in your pants Officer Rider! The freedom to sexually harass the public is NOT a public service gratuity.

  36. Police can’t be trusted to police themselves in the course of normal civil matters, let alone times of civil unrest. Now a bunch of slutty Karens are bored and horny and want to further distract them from their duties by offering them sexual favors in exchange for what? Protection? Getting out of a ticket? Turning a blind eye? Some other form of favoritism? Sexual bribery is sexual bribery is sexual bribery. The police can get their rocks off when they’re off duty, just like every other civil servant.

  37. Police can’t be trusted to police themselves in the course of normal civil matters, let alone times of civil unrest. Now a bunch of slutty Karens are bored and horny and want to further distract them from their duties by offering them sexual favors in exchange for what? Protection? Getting out of a ticket? Turning a blind eye? Some other form of favoritism? Sexual bribery is sexual bribery is sexual bribery.

    The police can get their rocks off on their own time, when they’re off duty, Just like every other civil servant.

  38. The officer on the left in the 2nd photo is the same one from the Kenmore Ave. Speedway arrest video. He’s a det. now and was the only one on scene not wearing a face mask. I guess some people are special.

    • Glaring indicators that this is nonsense:

      1 – no author.
      2 – no links to the facts.
      3 – pictures from other articles (pre covid)
      4 – form. An educated journalist did not write this.
      5 – “Karen”…no last name?!

      This article is created to enrage people and encourage rioting. It even gives a location and time where to meet.

      This article is NOT factual information. The “chronicle” has repeatedly proven to have minimal credibility – google it!

      • Who is it trying to enrage? It’s so weird. I mean, yes, I was mad and ready to head out, but I’m a middle-aged women in Kenmore. Why get me out? It’s a kind of clever prank because it seems kind of possible, which is scary itself.

  39. THERE IS NO COALITION OF SUBURBAN WOMEN VOTERS…..other than the demographic (not an organization or coalition) that is identified by politicians as a voting group. Weak sources….using quotes from the Supervisor that could have been responses to other questions….this article is as weak and useless as the one this rag published earlier this year claiming that Niagara Falls was considering a sex business to focus on Canadian women…..all false, all crap, poorly written….folks, I urge you to STOP reacting to a headline. If the headline intrigues you, read the article and make up your mind if any red flags are raised.

  40. The point of satire is to entertain. Sometimes it inspires. This article inspired one person to search Town of Tonawanda Police corruption. That search led down a rabbit hole of coruption, cover- ups, sell- outs, lies, a cease and desist notice, more lies, a vindictive CPS investigation, a warrant of arrest based not on fact but on personal animus, a suicide of a police captains son (perhaps with a duty weapon) and alleged civil rights violations. Sy Simms sold suits to educated consumers. Be an educated consumer of internet content.

  41. Ever since that Staufinger became part of the administration by all accounts it’s been a disaster. Crime up in the town, numerous scandals, tons of people fired including that Lt. that got so drunk he crashed his car, job cuts to give himself a raise. I am surprised the town board has not fired him yet. They are at fault for letting this guy continue to steer the ship. The department is in the news every other day since he became Chief.

    • Notice each and every time the Chief gives a press conference, who is standing behind him? Joe Emminger of course. The Chief of Police is a puppet for the career politicians of the Town Board. The Chief may have been a competent captain, but hes currently out of his league.

    • Do you have set rails regarding the officer who crashed his patrol car? If you are an employee of the town and have inside insight, please email the Chronicle and communicate those details directly. Many thanks.

      • Crashed his personal car on Nash in Niagara County, last year. Case already adjudicated. It was no secret. He is still on the job, awaiting promotion to Captain.

  42. Most city don’t allow cops to accept a free cup of coffee cause it’s considered a bribe. And these idiots want be able accept blow jobs. This city will be bankrupt in a year with no more tickets being issued :))

  43. It starts at the top with both Chiefs. It was their ideas. One already has a history sleeping with the secretaries on duty and the other sleeps with other co workers wives! Both pigs!

  44. Matt R. You can start by FOILING the disciplinary records of the top two positions in the TTPD. Don’t know if there’s an injunction or not, but give it a shot.

  45. Is this for real? So…police can arrest consenting adult sex workers and put them in jail but God forbid they don’t get a nookie break on their shift(as long as it’s non-monetary, of course)! I kept thinking this was a fake article until I saw all the comments. Should nurses and teachers get sex breaks too? I’m not sure this is the type of “police reform” most people have in mind…

  46. Cops can’t have consensual sex while on the job, the power dynamic between a cop and a citizen is unbalanced and constitutes duress, a citizen cannot consent under that condition. This is literally a hack law attempting to retroactively absolve a cop of what is effective rape, and worse, opens the door to institutionalized rape of citizens by cops in the future. Any cop, cop union/organization, or legislator that has voiced support for this should be immediately recalled by whatever means necessary.

  47. Must be satire. Fake funny news.
    So does that mean the gratuity can be used to get out of a traffic ticket?

    • This Rider is as big a POS as his father. Hope they both rot in hell. The best of the them died young. No wonder this country is struggling with right from wrong.

  48. Wait for the supposed facts and evidence and don’t make any assumptions.

    The Town of Tonawanda has been known to set up employees that they don’t care for like bowling pins. This includes phony, manufactured statements, contrived evidence and referral to outside agencies like CPS, twisting co-workers statements to fit a narrative and coercing employees to blindly sign such statements.

    Conversely, other employees that crash their cars while drunk, whose g/f’s shoot them in the scrotum with a .380 (the gun went off when it fell, I swear), or tickle a black guys tonsils with a Glock, get either a free pass or a letter of counsel in their training file.

  49. Attention Joseph Emminger and your morbidly obese sidekick. We know you are aware of this site and are reading these comments. You had your chance to overhaul the TTPD and you failed…miserably. What’s the next step Joe?

  50. As soon as this new Chief of Police publicly and tearfully announced that his mentor was fake-tanned cancerous Sam, many of the old timers filed their papers, counted the days and fled like rats off a sinking ship.
    They knew what was in store and now it’s come to fruition.

  51. ***********************************************************************************************************************************The hits on this article have propelled this site to the #2 spot in any search for Brett Rider. Please pass this on to other Town employees.
    The Town and it’s government needs to change.
    If this site is the sounding board, then so be it.

  52. Prediction: Town Supervisor will step down because of continuing Covid complications. That fat Italian guy who hates cops will take over. Remember when he was pulled over on his cell phone? Or the time his landscape trucks were taken out of service because of numerous violations?

  53. This is so disgusting! You can just tell the police you respect them you don’t have to give them a handy. Jesus Christ. This group of women are obviously just horny old ladies with a cop fetish. The fact that this is real news is pathetic. Grow up and discus real issues going in the world.

  54. Mr. Rider unfortunately is much more like his father…the nut and the tree deal. The best of the Riders past too soon.

  55. Welp this is just fucking stupid. Let’s give pigs the power to basically rape someone. Cops are going to be pulling over women all day acting like they’re about to give you a 500$ ticket unless they can nut on ya girl’s face. This shit is going to cause a whole lot of problems if legalized. Out of all of the horrible and fucked up shit going on in the world right now. This is what is being talked about?

  56. There’s an office at 1835 Sheridan where the walls and office furniture are said to floresce with the DNA of a certain high- level administrator when put under black light. Two days from now, maintenance will be ordered to deep clean all of the furniture and scrape and paint the walls.

  57. This was cleverly written. I find it amazing how many jackasses believe it is true and not just a parody. Those that commented in anger really are incredibly stupid. THIS IS A JOKE PEOPLE! Lighten up.

    • It’s no joke that TTPD is a mismanaged, corrupt organization that’s had 4 members arrested (soon to be 5) and countless other incidents covered up. Hopefully this will initiate a Federal investigation or oversight.

    • Fake news? No different than Buffalo’s liberal, union-bashing, cop-hating rag. Even Warren Buffet couldn’t polish that turd.

  58. The TTPD, and this pioneering publication were just mentioned on 97.7 FM. The word is getting out.

  59. 15 minutes ?
    It’s not worth it to remove your keepers,
    gun belt and other equipment for that
    brief period of time.

    • This is fraught with potential problems. Police pulling over a pretty woman for some driving infraction and once they’re in the back of the cruiser where’s the protection for women. If this isn’t a true definition of America in 2020 I dont know what is.

  60. I think this is a great idea. Badge bunny wants to throw me a little side piece while on duty? I’d buy that for a dollar!

  61. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WE’RE TALKING ABOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT HERE. No gratuities of any kind ever. Geez. Wake up. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you should have it. What the hell is wrong with people these days. its like the ghetto culture has infected the entire country. Have some freaking class. WTF. SMH

  62. Hey wait. What about the part of the V&T fines that go to the state?
    Cuomo will want his “piece” of the action. Pun intended.


  63. I miss the days where you could just slip a $20 bill behind your license, hand it to the cop and be on your way with a warning.

  64. Don’t be foolish. This is a joke that has media legs. It will
    never (officially) happen. Keep in mind that the “Town” has
    had police chiefs from inside the ranks for years. This is
    part of the continuing problem; only it is getting worse.
    The Town would be well-advised to hire a real hard nosed
    police chief from outside who doesn’t know anyone and
    ergo not part of any clique. The chief must have integrity
    and honesty or it FAILS. Tomario

    • To have a Chief or Assistant Chief position wasted on someone who was known by peers to be destined to fail is a shame.

      The Chief and his top commanders must have integrity. No one is beyond reproach or without fault but when your career is underscored by ongoing affairs, which include a subordinate, there exists a loss of confidence in the ability to lead.

      The current chief inherited 6 years of a workplace that was fractured, overly permissive, lacked direction and was dismissive of misconduct. The current management has gone from one extreme to the other. It’s difficult to work in an environment knowing that both the public and the people you work for are scrutinizing every split-second decision you make. Micro-management and being heavy-handed with discipline and a stickler for every single P&P is reminiscent of another failed administration.

    • This is a joke and it’s becoming less and less
      funny each time I get a comment on it. This is
      NOT ever going to ever happen.

  65. Looks like CNN is advising the Buffalo Chronicle on ethical reporting practices. Unfortunately there are many people that are so dumbed down they’ll believe it. Same type of people that vote for someone only if the have a D listed after their name.

  66. An emergency alert about the Plandemic is just what everyone needs on 9/11. I’m feeling triggered and need a safe space. Who or what is in charge there?

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