Cuomo expects to be named Secretary of State in Biden administration

Governor Andrew Cuomo expects to serve as Secretary of State in the administration of Joe Biden following private discussions with the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee earlier this week, sources close to the Governor tell The Chronicle.

In that circumstance, Western New York’s own Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul would serve the remaining two years of Cuomo’s gubernatorial term — a prospect that has been exciting the local business community.

Representatives of the Governor have been lobbying Biden for a cabinet position in recent months, and had even discussed the position of Attorney General — a position that Cuomo has already held in New York. Widely known to harbor presidential aspirations, Cuomo pushed hard for a high-level role that would yield him foreign policy experience.

Some in Biden’s inner circle had assumed that Dr. Susan Rice, the National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama who was nearly nominated for Vice President, would end up running the State Department given how publicly she had been passed over for the number two spot on the Party’s ticket — and given her widely known ambitions on the office.

But following discussions with Cuomo, Biden agreed that Dr. Rice would be a more suitable Secretary of Homeland Security or, perhaps even, the first woman to serve as Secretary of Defense.

Political staffers to Governor Cuomo worry that his private conversation with Biden was not recorded and did not include staff. In light of public concerns of Biden’s failing memory, they worry that his commitment could be forgotten after the election.

The prospect of a Hochul administration could mean billions of dollars in public infrastructure investment across Western New York.

If Kathy Hochul becomes Governor of New York, it’s expected that she would spend heavily on infrastructure projects across Upstate New York and Long Island — in order to solidify her natural political constituency ahead of the Democratic Party Primary for Governor in 2020, which is likely to be hotly contested.


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      • No they don’t and next time have the balls to put your own name on your words. Also command of the English language helps…

      • Cuomo killed not Trump…. Comrade Cuomo sent all the elderly back to the homes. Reason why…… these homes would not survive without money for them. Cuomo must know this. So when Trump set up the Convention Center…. why weren’t they sent there instead of being empty??

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  2. Loved the sentence “due to Biden’s failing memory they worry the commitment could be forgotten after the election”. Really!? And this is who you still want for your President? All things are being brought into the light!

  3. Cuomo is a tyrant. He will be power hungry where ever he is in office. He doesn’t respect our laws that protect our freedoms and he puts criminal friendly policies in place. He is a evil governor & will be no different as Secretary of State.

  4. Biden is a Zionist, Harris is a Zionist, Cuomo is a Zionist. Zionism is white supremacy. What would change in a Biden presidency?

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