Katko releases statement backing Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion spending bill


WASHINGTON, DC Yesterday U.S. Rep. John Katko (NY-24) released the following statement ahead of today’s vote on H.R. 6800, the $3 trillion spending bill written by Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“Unlike many of my Republican colleagues, I support – and advocated for – several provisions in this legislation. I am not intimidated by the size and scope of this bill, as I believe our response to this national emergency needs to match the size and scope of the crisis. I also disagree with President Trump that we have time to work out the details of the next relief package. Congress needs to act now. 

“Our relief efforts need to be focused on increased testing, support for medical workers on the front lines, and ensuring access to healthcare.  To maintain public health and safety response efforts, we need to provide local governments with adequate resources. We must give relief to working families and small businesses who are suffering under the worst economic crisis our nation has ever faced. 

I am incredibly disappointed that we are delaying action on a bipartisan bill so that Speaker Pelosi can appease the most extreme elements of her base. This bill stands no chance of movement in the Senate. Instead of working across the aisle to deliver meaningful relief to our communities, we are voting on a wildly impractical set of policies like releasing dangerous federal inmates from prison, and sending stimulus checks to illegal aliens. How does that help us get out of this crisis?  This bill is even opposed by Central New York labor unions because of unvetted and unpopular pension provisions.

“This measure widely fails to prioritize the needs of working families over a foolish partisan stunt.”

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