Wallace says budget contains provisions requiring disclosure of ingredients in vaping products

Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced Tuesday that the New York State budget contains provisions requiring disclosure of ingredients in vapor products as well as information about the potential health hazards of those ingredients. Wallace, who had introduced legislation (A.8663) to require these disclosures, signaled her approval that the changes were included in the state budget.

“In recent years, vaping products have been linked to an alarming rise in lung illness, including many cases that involve young people,” said Assemblymember Wallace. “The potential harms caused by vaping are especially alarming amid a global pandemic that causes severe infection in the lungs. I thank my colleagues in the legislature and the governor for recognizing the need to increase transparency and help consumers better understand the risks of vaping.”

“Requiring manufacturers to disclose these ingredients empowers consumers to make the best decisions for their health,” Assemblymember Wallace continued. “This is especially important in the COVID-19 era, as the World Health Organization states that pre-existing lung disease greatly increases the risk of suffering serious complications from the virus.”

The budget also contains provisions that regulate sales of vaping products containing carrier oils (which are suspected of causing acute lung illness), prohibits manufacturers from issuing coupons or discounts for vaping products, and bans flavored vaping products unless authorized by the FDA.

Other provisions in the budget prohibit pharmacies from selling tobacco products and require the state Department of Health and Department of Education to develop programs that raise awareness among students, parents and school officials of the risks associated with vaping.

“As the mother of teenagers, I appreciate how important it is to protect our young people from falling victim to predatory marketing practices that seek to create the next generation of nicotine-addicted consumers. These policies are intended to help prevent that from happening,” Assemblymember Wallace said.

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