Mychajliw calls on Jacobs to apologize for ‘false, incendiary’ tweet

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw is running for Congress in New York's 27th congressional district. He faces State Senator Chris Jacobs and Town Justice Beth Parlato in the Republican Primary.

NY27 Congressional candidate Stefan I. Mychajliw Jr. is calling on Chris Jacobs to apologize for an inflammatory and false tweet about ventilators being taken from Buffalo General Hospital. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an Executive Order authorizing the National Guard to confiscate ventilators and medical equipment from our medical facilities here to be taken for patients in and around New York City.

The Jacobs campaign posted a false claim about 30 ventilators being taken from Buffalo General Hospital.  It’s unclear if Jacobs posted the tweet himself, or if it was posted by a political staffer.


The tweet has since been deleted.

“People are scared. Our community is panicking. Young and old are fearful of dying. Many people lost their jobs. The last thing we need is someone falsely fanning the flames of discord just to score a few cheap political points in the middle of a campaign. Chris Jacobs must apologize for this false, reckless and irresponsible claim,” Mychajliw wrote in a widely circulated statement on social media.

“We need a steady hand. Elected leaders need to work together to stop Governor Cuomo. During these difficult times, we need reassuring, measured leadership. This incendiary tweet represents the worst of politics during these challenging times,” he added.

The false tweet about 30 ventilators being confiscated from a Buffalo-area hospital comes on the heels of Jacobs voting against paid leave for workers that lost their job due to the Coronavirus crisis. The Jacobs family business, Delaware North, also placed almost 2,000 employees on temporary leave.

State Senator Chris Jacobs declined to run for Republican Leader in the State Senate.

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