Cuomo considers banning cigarette sales for six weeks amid Coronavirus outbreak

Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering a temporary six-week ban on the sale of combustible cigarettes in order to reduce the State’s Coronavirus death count, a source familiar with his thinking tells The Chronicle.  The ban could come as soon as Monday and is expected to be included in a budget measure already scheduled to be announced.

New data out of Italy suggest that the nation’s whopping Coronavirus death rate — now approaching 10% of those who test positive — is highly correlated to cigarette use.  Italian men smoke cigarettes at rates that far outpace most other developed countries, and the extreme shortage of ventilators there has been the cause of death for tens of thousands of smokers.

According to Italy’s National Health Institute, smokers with COVID-19 were one-third more likely to have a serious clinical situation than non-smokers. Half of these smokers required a ventilator.

For many weeks, it was observed that women in Italy are better able to overcome the virus than men.  Italian doctors now believe that the statistical difference is attributable to smoking-related gender norms.

COVID-19 kills its victims by compromising the respiratory system and reducing oxygen levels in the blood.  Regular cigarette use damages the airways and small air sacs in the lungs.  Combustible cigarettes weaken smokers’ lungs by filling them with smoke and tar.

“When a smoker contracts COVID-19, he or she will be far more likely to suffer respiratory system failure, thereby exacerbating New York’s ventilator shortage,” Cuomo plans to say in remarks prepared for Monday.   “Fortunately, medical science informs us that ex-smokers experience significant recovery in lung function and oxygen absorption as soon as they quit smoking.”

Former smokers recover 30% of their lung function just two weeks after quitting.

“Any ex-smoker can tell you how, just days after quitting, they were noticeably less out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs. Personally, I have heard hundreds of these stories,” he writes in draft remarks.

Dr. Howard Zucker, the Commissioner of Health, is prodding Cuomo to issue the temporary ban and discussed the issue with him privately earlier this week.  Zucker has long advocated for additional restrictions on combustible cigarette sales, which causes more than 443,000 deaths annually — more deaths each year than from murder, car accidents, alcohol or drug use, suicides, and HIV combined.

It’s estimated that 81,000 people will die from COVID-19.

Zucker argues that a ban on cigarette sales for the duration of the outbreak will save thousands of lives and will reduce the State’s shortage of ventilators, perhaps by several thousand during its peak — expected to hit the State 21 days from today.

Therefore, the Governor’s advisors postulate, if New York takes immediate action and temporarily bans combustible cigarette sales during this public health crisis, ex-smokers’ respiratory systems will make significant recovery at the very same time that COVID-19 cases are peaking in New York.

“This will save lives, and not just the lives of smokers,” the Governor plans to say.  “Every former smoker that gets sick, but does not need a ventilator, means one more ventilator is available to keep our aging parents and grandparents alive.”

“Importantly, we must also recognize that failing to temporarily ban combustible cigarettes immediately will cause a disproportionate increase in COVID-19 fatalities in minority communities, given the higher prevalence of immuno-deficiencies in these communities,” he plans to note.

The Governor’s supporters argue that it is more important now than ever to address the public health cost of combustible cigarettes — not just to save the lives of smokers, but to save the lives of all New Yorkers by mitigating the severity of a ventilator shortage.


    • For the people who smokes if he stops it there’s going to be riot the world’s gun turn upside down people can have anger issues. Not going to be a good thing

      • When I quit smoking I got so sick. So did my husband. I’m not sure of the science behind it but many of my friends had similar experiences. Doesn’t seem like the right approach. You can’t make people quit. You’re just going to drive them to go out of state and contaminated more people.

      • This is not right and it is against our civil liberties , what comes next ? Banning booze of fatty foods ? It’s time for public officials to quit trying to control our lives !! Its no wonder most people dislike and distrust our government

      • The government and politicians are trying to take over every aspect of our lives. I would never have believed I would live to see anything like this. It seems like everyday some new right is being taken, most of which have nothing to do with CoVid19 or any other virus. God help us all.

    • I think he needs to get the f*** out of here people want to smoke that’s their f****** choice what you trying to f****** be like Donald Trump and f****** shut every f****** thing down and telling people they got to be locked in the house and we got to quit smoking for 6 walking weeks wait a motherfuking jail motherfukers

      • Yeah I agree with you…. Now I am look at Governor Cuomo is Democratic Party and President Trump is Republican Party that can’t be follow the same rules. If if the Governor Cuomo (D) agree with President Trump (R) to go ahead banned cigarrette for 6 weeks!! F**k Trump signed the bill and now I can’t agree with Governor Cuomo make a deal!! Come on Democratic!! Y’all both President and Governor screwed up!!!

        • Just to let you know TRUMP had nothing to do with a cigarette ban not combustible any way you can still support that piece of shit new York hating, criminal releasing ,unsafe ,ventilator hoarding scumbag you call a governor TRUMP 2020

      • swearing at a politician online makes you look incredibly uneducated 🙁 you may make an excellent point, but it gets lost amid its poor translation

        • It probably doesn’t help but what makes you look truly uneducated that all these supposedly intelligent people we have running this country on the certain points have lost their common sense, !!!!!! That is a saddest fact of all,!!!!!!! 😠

          • Quitting smoking cigarettes WILL cause severe withdrawal. It’s a fact nicotine withdrawal is worse then coming off of Herion. I’m am a substance counselor have been for 30yrs. People will get very sick sometimes will get pneumonia and suffer from severe anxiety, become very anxious this is not the time to do this to people, especially people with mental health issues. By the way Cuomo ‘s methadone program is and will not. He knows nothing about addiction!

            • The methadone. Program is now running in 5 state correctional facilities. And inmate transfers are in full swing, which means they are traveling from rikers from NYC all across my state.

              • The CO’S are not allowed to have masks when transporting because the inmates can use them. So again the inmates have more safety then the staff. Believe me they have plenty of places they hide their drugs and weapons in.

              • It’s not a lie do your homework. Some people can quit with no issues but my experience it is not that easy for everyone. To answer your question I watched my son overdosed three times. Each time he made it through. Then when my friend quit smoking it was just as bad or worse she ended up with double pneumonia and her Dr. said it was from quitting smoking this happens as well as other illnesses. All from quitting smoking. I encourage you to read about nicotine and learn about the 5,000 chemical s that are in just the filter alone.

              • I came off heroin and OxyContin the real oc from back in the day not the weak stuff they have now. Not proud that I spent over 1.75 million in ten years, I’ll never see that amount of money again. I’m just putting the depth of my addiction in perspective. I finally kicked dope, I’m almost 8 years clean. I continue to try and quit smoking but it is a nightmare. So good for you and your will power for others it’s way harder. I went from 2 packs a day to now less than half most days. Still if someone tried to take my cigarettes there would be problems. I know people that quit overnight but they only smoked a couple a day to begin with. The power of addiction is real not just for drugs or cigarettes and the like. You very well may be addicted to commenting on things with only seeing your side and making stupid comments like you are better than everyone. I.E addiction, I’m sure you can’t pass up the chance to respond to this and tell me how wrong I am. Which would prove my point you’re addiction is making stupid comments.

            • You are absolutely retarded. I have cold Turkey come off of tobacco many times when sent to jail and didn’t even notice. I have also withdrawaled off heroin many times and you feel like your body is being ripped apart from the inside. Can’t regulate your body temp. Shivering while dripping sweat. Puking and shitting your pants at the same time. No sleep for 2 weeks straight till you get delirious. You sound stupid trying to compare nicotine and opiate withdrawal.

      • You seem upset. Are you upset?
        You might want to go outside for awhile. And just smile.
        Just take in some clean, fresh air.

    • Governor Cuomo – I hope you understand the fear of facing withdrawal is greater than the fear of infecting others. Within 6 hours of your ban warning, almost all gas stations in the state were sold out of cigarettes. That buys the smokers enough time to drive across state lines to get more. The ban will endanger more lives than it will save.

      • As a gas attendant, I’m honestly more scared of how people will react and treat me if the ban goes into effect. I’m also a smoker and I would rather go through withdrawal myself than have customers increased rage directed at me because of this. Gun sales went up because everyone is thinking were in the end of days. Nicotine withdrawal is no joke, and people will lose their shit, but that combined with people who already take our their anger on customer service workers… I’m already scared to go to work because of this virus, now I will just be all around terrified for myself and my coworkers.

    • I’m not a smoker, but I know that you cannot tell a smoker that he cannot smoke. Put two smokers in a closed up house without their cigarettes and there will probably be violence. Anger comes to the fore when you cannot continue with a habit, whether it be good for you or not. This may be well intentioned, but I don’t think it will work.

      • I am cigarette free for 1/2 year – but I must say I don’t believe this is the right time for this action. The withdrawal was horrendous – I never understood (or basically denied) the addiction – it’s really no better than alcohol or drugs .. the nightmares, sweats, lack of patience is magnified – this could like you stated cause more harm than good with people living in basic isolation. I am happy I the “choice” but you can’t force this on people who are not ready to take the agonizing step …

        • Congratulation s on your success for quitting smoking and you are right this is not the time. I wonder how many of his staff smoke?

    • Un-Constitutional…. This Dictator can’t just go around and arbitrarily ban things… BUT, Us fools will just stand by and let him get away with whatever he wants us puppets to do… He’s more concerned with grandstanding then our health and safety. Smokers have rights too… If you let him ban something because it isn’t popular… Whats to stop him from banning even more things “HE” deems bad for us??? Like we need a Nanny or something…

    • I agree its your own choice to do what you want we don’t live in damn New York City in a rural county were its nice and there are plenty of trees giving oxygen off around my home on my dead end road. In the country I don’t feel I should be forced by ANY.government official to do what I don’t wish to do when its a legal substance . its my damn right as an American .

    • Land of liberty my butt. It is stressful enough without worrying about this. I have smoked for 45 years you think if I quit it will help?

    • People don’t have 30% lung recovery in 2 weeks. It’s an addiction. You will make people sicker. Those that have quit but not before they have lung disease that requires oxygen. Ventilators are a last resort. 75 % of people on ventilators don’t come off which means it may extend your life a few days but won’t save it. You have a Dr Zelenko who has used hydroxycloriquine, arthimycin and zinc successfully on 699 patients with covid and cured them. Your governor has banned its use until studies complete but it’s approved off label and 6200 doctors worldwide endorse it. You won’t hear this on you governor’s briefings.

    • Taking away more choices to no choices. I have to have to government save me. The United States makes 12.46 billion dollars off of Tobacco and 9.99 billion off of alcohol. Doesn’t the United States need money? Do you think 22 million unemployed people paid by EDD will last forever. You better re-think that tank you call a brain again Communist Cuomo.

  1. several things will happen if you ban cigarette sales for several weeks. Those that can afford to stock up,will. You must give smokers a safer alternative to vape products, I can’t imagine what would happen when you force thousands to go cold turkey. Chaos would surely ensue. Black market will thrive with cigareets from neighboring states.

  2. Ahh, u do know that there are some people who can not quit smoking cold turkey? We have severe anxiety issues and just making us quit cold turkey can have devastating results. And y don’t u make it so every county has to release the records of those who have recovered. I know a few and most have said this virus isn’t as bad as the flu!! One lives in the same town I live. Government needs to quit scaring the Americans and start being more honest!!

  3. Then you need to stop selling beer and liquor as well!! You can’t just make people quit cold turkey that is redicious and causes more issues!

  4. There’s already a problem with abuse because people are staying inside together – take away smoking and and then there will be more killings. You can’t just take something away that’s addictive. They really have to think through. Bad move.

  5. This will lead to loss of jobs and income that far outweigh the “possible” effects on health. hundreds of businesses will close and thousands of people will lose their homes and not be able to survive. This can’t happen!!

  6. Agree we are already suffering as it is, I’m stressed take away cigarettes for six weeks will make me even more overwhelmed. And side effects of withdrawing from cigarettes can be deadly trying to quit cold Turkey.

  7. I understand the idea behind this, but again the poor suffer because those who have the money will stock up. There r people who are severely addicted and I can see looting of stores that might still have a supply, people buying in bulk and selling them at ridiculous prices and worst of all smokers going out and picking up other people’s cigarette butts and that raises the risk of infection. Fights will break out. It will be more detrimental in my opinion.

  8. It totally sounds like to me that the handout they are giving out is in play here by banning ciggeretts here in ny the surrounding states will rise like crazy in sales and to the tune of 4 to 5 dollers per pack of sales tax thet will put a big dent back in there pocket book. And besides just stop lying and be honest it’s not near as bad as they are proclaiming I cant imagine what would happen over this ridiculous decision.

    • Ok. So you can cigarettes. Those people that smoke. Surprise. They’re still smokers. They have the lungs of smokers and would have the same risk no matter what. Just because you ban a product doesn’t mean that a person’s lungs are clean.

    • Yeah you are right it is worse!! It is insane how many people are dying the staff at the hospital can not keep up. The ambulances keep going out as soon as they come back they have to go right back out. There is no more room anywhere. No one gets sleep or breaks. Staying in today saves peoples lives. Stop overwhelming the hospitals more.

  9. So far Cuomo has done a remarkable job handling this outbreak but if he bans cigarette sales he will force smokers to travel & expose others. People who smoke do not want to be forced to stop. This would lose him a lot of supporters.

    • A remarkable job? Stockpiling supplies and whining he doesn’t have enough? He should have worried about doing something in NYC long before he did. Hardly a remarkable job, you’re putting too much stock in listening to his daily brainwashing conferences.

  10. everyone freaking out over this. You can still make rollies calm down. Hes banning cigarettes not tobacco.

  11. People here in North Country will just go to the Rez. The Rez is not part of our government, therefore they cannot be made to ban cigarettes.

  12. Lol. He has a budget due April 1st. We can’t afford to turn down the tax revenue. Let the smokers continue to deal with their addiction on their own terms. And yes, been their, done that.

  13. All your going to do is Force people to drive to other surrounding States to buy them … Thus spreading the Virus all over again .. People can not just Stop Smoking because someone is Waving a Magic Wand . They are ready to Snap now being locked in their homes and not able to see Family and Friends . Add in No Cigarettes and it’s a recipe for Disaster !! This is Not the time to try and Make NYS a Smoke Free State !

  14. New York is always trying to punish the smokers. How about picking on the drunks for awhile and adding a ridiculous tax to alcohol. It’s not the goverments business to tell anyone if they should smoke or not.

      • If people want to quit, they’ll do it on their own, not because the dictator tells you too. He’s not trying to save smokers, he’s trying to win a nomination.

      • You and Cuomo don’t get it. Smoking damages the lungs over YEARS. The damage is already done to a smoker. Quitting for 6 weeks is NOT going to undo the damage. The reason smokers are at higher risk is the damage to the lungs.

  15. New Yorkers are dumb asses for voting that jackass in, Don’t they remember all the destruction his jackass father did by raising corp taxes? Remember Bethlehem Steel, Trico the list of lost company’s is endless ?

  16. Maybe it’s just another way for big tobacco companies to get people to stock pile…just like toilet paper!?

  17. Replace Covid-19 deaths with murders.
    Besides that there are some who have smoked their whole lives with heath issues that quitting would trigger stroke, heart attack, death. My mother’s doctor told her at this point if she quit she would die.

  18. Do people not see what is happening? This “corona virus” was created to scare everyone, control everyone and to make these officials look good that they are helping.
    What a whole bunch a bull with this election year’s brew ha ha

    • So I guess you haven’t been to hospital? This virus is real and so many more people are dying everyday. By staying in you are stopping the spread and saving lives. The hospitals can not save everyone. There is no room anymore to fit everyone. You don’t even have time to cry about a patient dying because you need to keep moving to try to save the next one. It Is the worst virus I have ever seen.

  19. Mr. Cuomo, stop trying to legislate morality and find something constructive to do with your time. You, like your father before you, are an idiot and it’s because of you that I’ll be leaving this state as soon as I retire.

  20. I think the Gov. was doing a decent job with all of this up till now but if he banns smoking he is ASKING FOR TROUBLE cutting people off cold turkey like that can cause heart attacks among other health issues then it is also just going to cause lots to act out cause riots breaking into places robbing neighbors ect… for the cigarettes WHY JUST WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THINGS EVEN WORSE THAN THEY ALREADY ARE

  21. He’s trying to save lives it’s so sad people rely on cigarettes or any other drug or alcohol to many people have issues so deal with real life people and accept it

  22. Doing a decent job? Using scare tactics to Coerce the public to capitulate to his edicts is not a good job. He is a governor, not a king. He doesn’t or shouldn’t have the right to make so many restrictive measures. Due to the virus, events over 500 people cut in half, gave that a day, not good enough, venues had to cut capacity to 50%. That was given a few days, but too many people were still out ( even though they were within the 1/2 capacity) the big boys pouted… close restaurants and bars to seating, workforce… 50%, 8 hrs later> not good enough…. 25%…. 8 hrs later> 100%…. essential only and everyone get on your high horse and report whoever You THINK is not complying. Now we still need to make ourselves look like we’re saving the world… no cigarettes. Like ALL rushed legislation, filled with flaws. Many people need to smoke, i.e. some mental health patients, like schizophrenics are calmed by nicotine , some people are addicted and will not be able to just quit because “king cuomo” makes another edict.
    No offense to people with the disease , but 728 people out of 20,000,000 in our state is .00364% of the population. Do you realize approx 90 people a day die from opioid overdoses/addiction?? That is ~630 a week, pretty close numbers. There are a myriad of different ways for people to die, YES there should be some measures in place to protect the spread, but some of the ones in place are too much!!! You cannot and should not regulate how people choose to live their lives.
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.~ Ben Franklin.

  23. Maybe if he did not put all that money in for immigration he. Could have put it into the medical field

  24. If people who smoke that has or fear of getting it how would banning cigarette sales help this situation? The smokers lungs are already compromised from smoking and to stop selling tobacco for 6 weeks is not gonna help and a person who smokes will have withdrawls from nicotine I truly understand both sides but this could cause more problems then it should

  25. It’s our choice if we want to smoke, the last time I checked I’m free. I’m not a criminal and even if I was it’s still my right. Someone’s on a power trip

  26. Did you even read the article? A smokers lungs begin to improve immediately upon quitting. The ban won’t work, for we live in a free country where people can, unfortunately, make unhealthy decisions. But the theory is correct that the smokers would have healthier lungs and less need for ventilators should they become sick.

  27. I work in the hospital… so many people saying “oh it’s the smokers who are dieing,” yes they are along with the diabetics not controlling thier insulin, the alcoholics withdrawing, the suicidals, the over doses etc. Taking away cigarettes isnt going to decrease death rates it might actually increase because alot of people will get stressed possibly suicidal, they may convert to other drugs resulting in od, or violence against others could lead to murder..

  28. Right.. Lets tell everyone go home then stop working then we’ll add ur kids then we’ll take away ability to escape n access to boos or friends n then now lets rid smoking too.. For those of us single moms who do not drink and have to now home teach need to escape outside to smoke now n then just for ourselves. I understnd their reasons n numbers are horrible but really ?! Cuz bc we have whole bunch money to go stock up too right ? Next will be the ban to our house with spouses and kids and no reprieve… They hurting themselves now they have no casinos or bars being able to generate income but i feel like the lawyers etc in the world n police will all of a sudden be more predominant.. Lol

  29. I am sorry for one new York keeps trying to push out smokers first of if you look at it from any end the us is lower in smoking the China we have more case then they do but I am sorry to say that cigarettes aren’t the cause and they aren’t the answer to stopping the spread. What happened to our rights as individuals don’t we have a say its just like our Religion we can’t say everyone’s going to be the religion if i see someone smoking thats their choice if i see a fat person only eating all the time at a fast food place their choice if you are always a the gym your choice. We the people have our own rights and own life’s

    • Doesn’t anyone use punctuation anymore? Quitting smoking cold turkey is not like quitting drinking, you will not die from it. Some people absolutely need to be told what’s best for them, look at how many idiots never wore a seat belt until it was the law. Even now some people still don’t, but I just consider that Darwin’s Law …Good riddance.

    • It’s not a right to smoke. There have been multiple federal court cases ruling that it is not a right but a privilege .

  30. awkasne reservation in upstate ny is open, just bought 6 cartons for the wife and I how ever not sure if they can be forced to stop sales but they could still shut down on there own terms unrelated to the ban, so stock up on cigs regardless asap. and stock up on other items as well . covid 19 may not be as bad as we are told or it may feel that way to some but i think personaly Its much worse I think the government is hiding something tho many have hardly no symptoms but the spread is ferocious and its hard to say who will get severe symptoms I feel the virus is already effecting millions we just haven’t been tested basically no one has been on a scale of things but out of the ones who have it seems a third is positive but what actually are they hiding what is there agenda the virus might be just a scape goat or a cover story or a reason to convince the public to stay inside and isolate people a reason to lock down states shut business down and might be leading to them taking more rights away who knows maybe marshal law is around the corner or theres a hidden war taking place between nations and we are all facing the blow back

  31. Just so you all know, there have been federal court rulings that smoking is not your right but a privilege !

    • idc what the court rulings are that’s straight shit I don’t need permission from any one to do what I wish to do with my own self .the day I ask permission or think of it as a privilege is the day the dead would walk the earth and our for fathers would be fighting along side me for true independence

  32. You cant ban a persons personal freedom to smoke..they know risks and its a choice cant ban choices..there r plenty of other things we breathe consume and drink that cause cancer lowered immune systems which brings virus symptoms on even more too..we cant people fighting cancer right now get worse virus symptoms as well r u gonna ban chemo?? People already have lung damage wether if its thru smoking or inhaling air oustide or cancer etc. …..u cant ban personal freedoms of people…ventilators will be there…your gonna need more regardless if u ban cigs or not…im a nurse…just like going outside the risk is there ur gonna be killed by a car..but its still your choice to go outside..we dont need to go down the path of choosing for others what they do..its personal freedom..dont go down that path gov cuomo…

  33. What happen to be a free country
    I’m sure the ones who vote for 5his don’t smoke.if people kept home other than going to the shop for food.and shelfs are all ways clean off
    Give mask and gloves .when there putting food on shelfs wear gloves and a mask around servinhg much for American people of being free
    It stress full anofe what this covid
    What next how much food you can buy

  34. Totally disagree… cigarette smoking caused so much health related problems before this situation, so why ban cigarettes now all of a sudden?… It’s synonymous to banning people from intercourse because if the health risks and the shortage of condoms…By the way, this is your indirect fault for not implementing better preventative measures of the potential of a health crisis at our airports, by simply checking body temperatures for indications of infection, Governor Cuomo….and President Trump…maybe if we had sent our doctors and scientists to help China’s initial outbreaks back in November, then we would have gathered scientific data from before it ever reached the USA, but of course politics block the global comradinism that is needed to protect the little human beings everywhere….Politics vs. Love???

  35. Last time I checked it with our own decision to make if we want to smoke where not to smoke last time I checked the governor didn’t make that decision to destroy our lungs

  36. I can see from the comments people are addicted. An addict is an addict no matter the substance. In case some of you were not aware smoking is bad for your health. You want to smoke? That’s fine! Let’s be logical though, if you continue to smoke, get covid19, and end up requiring a ventilator, smokers should be last in line. Plain and simple. Be better off just breaking that weak addiction.

  37. people r already stressed out…they need their cigarettes….leave them alone..if they die…they die…their choice

    • I honestly think this is bulshit to think you(cuomo) have the right to forcibly make people quit smoking all because its hand to mouth well guess what so is eating drinking brushing your teeth washing your face, so in reality all your actually doing is making people go through withdrawals, and I bet this idea of your is going to end up causing riots.

  38. hopefully they plan on providing nicotine patches or something, people are not going to handle this very well. I’d be very surprised it it actually goes through, but stranger things have happened.

  39. It’s interesting how many people complain this is an effort to make them quit smoking, or to force you to change how you die.

    The point is, if you are hospitalized with a ventilator, you’re using it up for someone else.

    Want your nicotine? Go ahead.

    Get it from something that doesn’t combust.

  40. Maybe Cuomo could give up his Cocane addiction. If anything stop the citiots from going upstate and infecting all of our counties. Those fucks are too entitled to quarantine.

  41. If this happens how are people going to get past the withdrawal. Oh yea we cant get near a hospital. Will Cuomo make sure that all smokers have patches to get threw this? And i sapose he is putting a ban on Alcohol too.

  42. I don’t think many read the article. It’s not to take away someone’s Rights or Liberties.
    This is to slow the death rate and to prevent the over usage of ventilators. Only in America that a person still wants their rights at the deaths of others. Can we just come together and follow the one direction we all (Rich or Poor, Fortunate or Not) need to march towards for we can see this infection decrease. But if we continue to be selfish, we all perish!

  43. I’m a smoker, and want to quit myself, pretty seriously. On one hand, I would be okay with this as it would force me to quit, and I see the merit behind temp banning for the greater good. In a perfect world, sure. But this isn’t a perfect world. A large majority of people are mentally ill or have severe anger issues. Take away their cigarettes, one of the symptoms of withdrawal are increased levels of anxiety aggression and irritability. Did we forget that gun purchases have increased since all this began? Imagine these essential workers at gas stations and grocery stores that used to sell tobacco that can’t anymore… The violence and harassment that they could face because unstable people went out and bought a weapon, but then had their only source of stress release taken from them. People already disrespect customer service associates and speak to them as if all these policy changes are their choice or anything they can change. Just look at half of these comments on this article talking about the DISCUSSION of taking away tobacco. I’m just so scared for the state of the world, and the people in it who have no voice, and nothing to do with the changes that are happening but have to work to get by. We’re all facing the same challenges, and the same risks, but we’re all thinking of ourselves instead of our fellow human being. It just makes me sad.

  44. Well I am a smoker and I dont think it is a good idea to ban the cigarettes or any thing that is related to that. I myself look forward to every morning for my cigarette and coffee. I have been smoking for a very long time and I believe that Cuomo just needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that the only reason why he is doing this is because nobody with give him all the ventilators that he wants so now he has to punish the US because shit isn’t going his way.

  45. Syracuse NY rez is CLOSED…..Has been for weeks. If you need to stock up closest one is Buffalo NY. I’m not a smoker personally but my hubby is. I would hate to see him go through withdrawl. He gets bad anxiety if he doesn’t have them for a few days. And being that we have to shelter-in-place, it will only make it worse. My county is actually fining people $250 for not adhering to the social distancing, not having paperwork for work purposes or not having a reason to be out. Unfortunately for addicts you cannot force them to quit. It only works when THEY are ready.

  46. I agree I have a lot of anxiety and other mental issues. The smoking thing calms me down and I just dont think it is a good idea to take something away from a lot people that have been doing it for a very long time. I believe that if Cuomo wants to banned anything it shouldn’t be tobacco products. He should understand that people across the US have a lot of health issues and the majority of it doesn’t just have to do with tobacco use. It has to do with drugs and alcohol. So he should probably try to do the statistics on it again. I know the rez out this way is still opened for now so hopefully I can get some before they close down for awhile.

  47. I know this article is old, but I welcome any opportunity to call Cuomo the f**king moron that he is.

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