Morinello calls on Cuomo show fiscal restraint in next year’s budget

Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (R – Lewiston) is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to exercise fiscal constraint in next year’s budget, which is constructed in negotiations between the Governor and Legislature during April and May.

The call comes amid the coronavirus outbreak, which could cost the State billions for its public health response and billions more in lost revenues, exacerbating a budget deficit that was already projected at $6 billion prior to the State’s current public health crisis.

“I would like to thank the governor for his leadership during this difficult time, however I would implore him to not use this as a motive to pursue a budget filled with policy that’s harmful to New Yorkers. During these trying times of uncertainty, the budget should focus on the recovery of business, management of the economy, and the healthcare of communities across this state,” Morinello told The Chronicle. 

Cuomo has been earning high marks for his handling of the State’s response over the last week and a half — and has earned extensive daily national press coverage of his public statements.  Some have even floated Cuomo as a possible Presidential contender in the event that former Vice President Joe Biden is unable to secure the nomination at the Democratic National Convention later this year. Cuomo has not responded to the speculation, but it’s well known that he has longstanding ambitions on the White House.

Morinello wants the Governor to repeal last year’s bail reform law but wants him to do so outside of the budget process.

“The budget should not consist of lukewarm attempts on modifying the bail reform law, a law that demands a full repeal; or policies such as home rule decisions on energy limit abilities that the governor has exercised executive overreach while stripping municipalities, towns and villages from their input in matters of their own backyards must be debated with full openness,” the Assemblyman explains.

“The budget for New York demands full transparency and must be debated on and examined in the sunlight, unlike previous years where policy has slipped in during the middle of the night. Gov. Cuomo has been open about the coronavirus, but continues to be evasive and ambiguous about the budget,” he adds.

It’s unclear when the State Legislature will reconvene to conduct regular business at the Capitol.

“There is still no information regarding when and what we will be voting on when the budget is presented. This year’s budget should only address the financial needs of New York, and the health of our citizens,” Morinello said.

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