Flanagan calls new bail reform law a disaster

The Republican Minority Leader in the State Senate, John Flanagan is slamming Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s new bail reform law — which has allowed for egregiously unsafe releases of criminal offenders in dozens of high profile cases.


Today’s Siena poll confirms what we’ve known all along, namely that the state’s controversial new bail reform law is a disaster.

Enacted solely by Democrats and strongly opposed by Senate Republicans, district attorneys, and law enforcement professionals throughout the state, this shortsighted law has mandated the release of thousands of criminals back onto our streets and into our communities. Many of these perpetrators have committed serious crimes or were repeat offenders, yet they were all set free to commit more crimes against law-abiding New Yorkers.
The number one priority of any government at any level is to keep its citizens safe. By creating this new bail reform law, Democrats have failed that test miserably.  
Now is not the time for small tweaks or minor changes to this new law. Democrats should admit they made a grave mistake and swiftly join us in repealing bail reform now. It’s time to scrap this dangerous and deadly statute before more innocent New Yorkers are abused, assaulted, or killed.

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