Prince Harry considers a role with Aston Martin, as Meghan teams up with Elton John on a massive deal with Disney

Rumors are swirling that Meghan Markel, the former Duchess of Sussex, is on the brink of signing onto a massive project with Disney — expected to earn the former Royal and Sir Elton John nearly $500 million over the life of the deal — which could include merchandising and digital spin-offs for up to ten years.

Markel is expected to be the voice of the female lead in the firm’s launch of a new animated franchise based on Aida, an adaptation of the 2001 Broadway musical by Elton John and Tim Rice about a conflict between Egypt and Nubia that gives birth to a star-crossed love affair between Aida, the captured princess of Nubia, and Radames, the Egyptian captain who enslaved her people. With love and responsibility at odds, Aida and Radames must decide to follow their hearts or lead their people.


The deal is expected to include at least one secondary animated franchise, thought to be a dramatic telling of the founding of America and the drafting of the constitution through the eyes of Sally Hemmings, the enslaved spouse of the widowed Thomas Jefferson.  Some conceptualize that project as ‘Hamilton from a woman’s perspective.’   

The former Duchess is expected to retain an equity interest in each of the brands and their merchandising.  As part of the deal, she is expected to star in a Broadway rendition of that second franchise, though it’s unclear if Elton John is also involved in that project.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry, the former Duke of Sussex is said to be considering a brand ambassadorship with Aston Martin, the luxury British automaker.  He is expected to be tasked with making the firm a larger force in the North American luxury car market, growing Britain’s auto exports.  His role is expected to promote Aston Martin as a classic part of British heritage and national pride — particularly in trend-setting hyper-elite circles in New York, Los Angelas, and New England.

It will be interesting to see whether the former Prince can take some of America’s luxury car market — which is now largely dominated by German carmakers.  The role is expected to come with a massive budget for special events and brand promotions.

Ashton Martin is a favored brand of the Queen, long enjoyed by the British Royal Family.







  1. Megs needs things to be all about her. Of course Elton will step in. He can never mind his own business. Thinks he was Diana’s bestie. That was not the case. Harry will not be happy. The world will revolve around her. Apparently her family told the truth.

  2. With no questions asked, Trudeau has allowed them to set up house in Canada. As usual, Canadians have no input. The Canadian taxpayer is apparently on the hook for part of the cost of providing security to these grifters. We will probably not be told the cost. We are just the suckers who pay for Trudeau’s endless virtue-signalling projects. So, with lucrative business deals in the works, will Harry and Meghan be paying tax in Canada?

  3. Yikes! This poor couple can’t get a break from anyone. They are damned if they don’t work, damned if they do work. They will more than likely have to pay taxes, possibly to 3 countries, but they are seeking to work not get handouts. Can you all give them a few minutes to breathe and cut them some slack. And this constant blaming of Meghan is tiring; so what you are saying is that you believe Harry is a stupid dolt incapable of making a decision or standing up for himself.., I have not met a red headed wuss yet. You all do not think very highly of the Prince! Shameful!

  4. As long as I get to keep all my pennies. I personally should not have to pay for someone else’s security housing food bills phone and utilities.

  5. The Canadian people should not be held responsible for Harry and Megan security bills they are rich enough to pay it for themselves I live in Nova Scotia my husband works in lunatic and has to fly every 14 days we pay high taxes here is Nova Scotia‘s we do not want to be paying their taxes when they have all this money how is this fair to the Canadian people totally disgusted should move completely out of maritimes

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