AI Capital Advisors rebrands to Fidelman & Co., expanding operations

Fidelman & Co., a management consulting firm specializing in business advisory and management & financial consulting, announced today that it is rebranding from AI Capital Advisors and expanding its services, opening two new offices and growing its team to more than 20 consultants.

Additionally, it has expanded to include its own in-house design specialists and research analysts to support its services internally. Founded in 2014, Fidelman & Co. has helped more than 100 early- and mid-stage companies identify key problems and gaps, better organizational effectiveness, provide recommendations, and implement solutions. Through its efforts, Fidelman & Co. has helped their clients secure over $1 billion in financing.

Fidelman & Co. is a vertically integrated consulting firm that works with companies seeking further growth and development. Familizaring itself with all facets of the business, Fidelman & Co. creates and implements a more efficient operating plan to enable scalability and success.

Experts in presentation advisory and financial modeling, Fidelman & Co. provides custom developed materials that help refine and communicate the client’s narrative and projections.

“We often work with Seed and Series A-stage companies to institutionalize and systematize their operations to create a foundation for the next 5-10 years,” explains Jeffrey Fidelman, Founder and Managing Partner. “We work with companies that are on the brink of expansion – companies that are contemplating either additional funding or are ready to take the next step of business development.”

With its re-branding, Fidelman & Co. has also expanded its services to include in-house research & analysis and design. By providing these services in-house, Fidelman and Co. is able to better support its team and provide a more efficient and cost-effective product.

Fidelman and Co.’s growing success is clear through its many satisfied clients.

“Working with Jeffrey provided the best ROI I Could have ever asked for,” explains Doug MacKay, Founder and CEO of Sidekick. “His guidance helped us raise funds we needed, and now I’ve got six VCs to contact once my MVP is ready.”

Sidekick, a cloud-based marketplace, engaged Fidelman & Co. to provide presentation support and a scalable pricing model in preparation for an equity fundraising effort. With Fidelman and Co.’s help, Sidekick successfully surpassed their $775K goal, raising $1 million in equity. Furthermore, the financial projections provided by Fidelman & Co. in 2017 were exactly in line with its actual performance in 2019.

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