Gerstman says Russia and Europe are ‘Guilty of Hypocrisy’ on Libya

Brad Gerstman of Gotham Government Relations Denounces Russian and European Leaders, Claiming Hypocrisy

A representative for Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) is denouncing Russian and European leaders for preaching ceasefires and negotiation while siding against the legitimate government.

“The hypocrisy of Russia and the European Union is stunning,” said Brad Gerstman. “Russian President Putin joined Turkish President Erdogan in calling for a ceasefire, even while hundreds of Russian mercenaries with Kremlin ties are besieging and attacking Tripoli.” Gerstman is a founding partner of Gotham Government Relations & Communications, which has previously represented the Trump Organization and currently represents the GNA in the United States.

“This week,” Gerstman noted, “EU leaders singled out Turkey’s intent to send troops to help the GNA defend Tripoli. But they bent over backwards to avoid mentioning Russia or the United Arab Emirates, which operates sophisticated drones for the forces of Khalifa Haftar, a former general under the late Muammar Qaddafi. And of course, not a word about how U.S.-made missiles purchased by France ended up in the hands of Haftar’s militias.”

As Gerstman recalled, “The United Nations process was designed to effect national reconciliation through the GNA. Haftar’s pursuit of a military solution is holding back Libya’s future, and most of the credit for his battlefield success and his attacks on hospitals and other civilian targets goes to Moscow, UAE, and a few European capitals. It’s their right to undermine peace and security in Libya for their own purposes, and it’s my obligation to point out these fatal contradictions.”

“This double-dealing further fuels Haftar’s aggression and defiance of international law,” Gerstman warned. “Haftar’s latest video messageleaves no doubt, rejecting the ceasefire outright and calling the UN-recognized GNA ‘terrorist organizations that seized Tripoli and received support of some countries…’ Those ‘some countries’ are the United Nations Security Council, and it is past time for the Council and for all responsible governments to facilitate and not undermine the path to a peaceful and democratic solution.”

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