Rose breaks with party to oppose war powers resolution on Iran

Congressman Max Rose, an Army combat veteran, issued the following statement on the War Powers Resolution on Iran before the House of Representatives today:

“President Trump was justified in killing a terrorist who was responsible for the murder of hundreds of American servicemembers and was in the process of planning to kill more. I appreciate the President’s efforts to de-escalate conflict in the face of Iranian retaliation and support his diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions to advance our goals of ensuring Iran does not gain nuclear weapons and to end their support of terrorist activities.

“I know all too well the real costs of war and sending troops into harm’s way is the most consequential decision I could make. Unfortunately, today’s War Powers Resolution is a non-binding resolution that simply restates existing law and sends the message that war is imminent. I refuse to play politics with questions of war and peace and therefore will not support this resolution.

“Going forward, Congress must be proactive in living up to our Constitutional duties to declare war and authorize the use of military force. This resolution is not that. I continue to believe the decades-old Authorizations for Use of Military Force should be repealed and replaced with a framework that authorizes continued operations against global terrorists while properly constraining presidential war powers.

“Let me be crystal clear: under current law, no President has the authority to engage in protracted hostilities or war with Iran without Congressional approval and funding. That is the role Congress must play.”

Rose, who serves on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, has long-called for an end to the war in Afghanistan, cosponsored and voted in favor of Rep. Barbara Lee’s amendment to the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) repealing the 2002 Authorization of Use of Military Force against Iraq, and Rep. Ro Khanna’s amendment to the 2020 NDAA prohibiting the unauthorized use of military force in or against Iran.

Rose served as an active duty officer in Afghanistan from 2012-2013 and earned a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Combat Infantry Badge. Rose is Ranger-qualified, continues to serve in the National Guard, and is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to represent New York City.

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