Brown signs new procurement law and energy finance program

Mayor Byron W. Brown signed two pieces of legislation, Local Laws V and VI of 2019, today. Local Law V will give the Brown Administration the authority to use “best value” practices in awarding contracts. Local Law VI enacts the City’s C-PACE program, which is a New York State backed financing program that will enable businesses to undertake energy efficiency programs at a lower cost than if the projects were self-funded.

Mayor Brown said, “My Administration worked with the Common Council to introduce the two pieces of legislation that I signed into law, which are critical to the City’s future fiscal, economic and social growth. Through ‘best value’ contracting, the City will increase revenues by identifying operational efficiencies as a result of the greater opportunities collective purchasing will provide. And, the new C-PACE legislation is a further demonstration of the City’s ongoing commitment to combatting climate change and becoming a Climate Refuge City in the future. Both pieces of legislation are critical components to my vision for Buffalo’s future as a more equitable, efficient and environmentally friendly City for its residents.”

“Best value” contracting will allow the City to participate in contracts which other cities, towns, villages, school districts or other intergovernmental entities across the state may have for services and products that the City of Buffalo also utilizes. This will reduce City procurement costs for those products and services through collective purchasing which creates economies of scale and lowers the price of commodities and services. The legislation was sponsored by former Lovejoy Council Member Richard Fontana.

The City’s C-PACE program will enable businesses to access capital funding for clean energy projects through New York State’s Energy Improvement Corporation. The pool of funding businesses can now access will accelerate the number of clean-energy projects occurring in the City. This will reduce Buffalo’s carbon footprint, spur clean energy industry development and reduce energy costs for the businesses that participate. The legislation was sponsored by Delaware District Council Member Joel Feroleto.

Council Member Feroleto stated, “Smart policies like PACE financing can unlock the City of Buffalo’s green energy potential, while also creating well-paying jobs. By making energy conservation more attractive and financially attainable for commercial property owners, we are further positioning Buffalo to be a renewable energy leader.”

A public hearing was held on both pieces of legislation and following the hearing, Mayor Brown signed both pieces of legislation.

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