Tipped off by PMO, SNC Lavalin CEO left Canada fewer than 36 hours before he was to be arrested

Bruce was worried in December of 2018, when the CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei was arrested in Canada for extradition to the United States. That firm is alleged to have violated trade sanctions against Iran. SNC Lavalin had been violating trade sanctions against Libya, doing business there prior to 2006. That company's ongoing criminal prosecution is expected to reveal that tens of millions of dollars in bribes paid to Libyan entities ended up flowing to militant groups in the region.

Former SNC Lavalin CEO Neil Bruce fled Canada just three days before he was expected to be arrested on bribery charges relating to a series of meetings that he and an attorney, Frank Iaccobucci, engaged in late last year to discuss the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion with a handful of key counterparties.

SNC Lavalin had long prized that $7 billion infrastructure contract and Iaccobucci had been tasked by the Trudeau government to manage its consultations with indigenous people in British Columbia.  Iaccobucci had simultaneously been retained as an attorney and lobbyist for SNC Lavalin.

The official announcement of Bruce’s departure from the firm came on June 11, 2019, the day after Bruce is said to have received advanced word that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been preparing to make the arrest.  He is believed to have received that information from Kevin Lynch, SNC Lavalin’s Chairman and the former Clerk of the Privy Council.

Ian Edwards, who just joined the firm in January as its COO, with a career’s worth of experience in the oil and gas industry, was named to replace Bruce, effective that same Tuesday.

Lynch has since been cooperating with investigators and has been wearing a recording device at Board meetings since June, our sources say, at the request of investigators.  He has been directed to cease communications with the Prime Minister’s Office, his personal phones are being monitored, and he has been directed not to disclose his cooperation publicly.

Lynch’s access to the PMO had been a subject of questioning by MPs earlier this year during the Justice Committee’s questioning of Michael Wernick, the former Clerk of the Privy Council.

The subject of that leak — a staffer inside the PMO — is now a target of the RCMP’s larger ongoing investigation, which includes at least two cooperators with active recording devices inside the office.

The Chronicle reported on Bruce’s wife’s hurried departure from Canada in March, and the quick sale of their $3 million home in the Westmont section of Montreal, following the public corruption scandal earlier this year. She returned to the United Kingdom shortly thereafter, despite retaining her employment position with Stephen Bronfman‘s Montreal-based private equity fund.

Bronfman was heavily interested in SNC Lavalin’s Libyan business dealings and he supported his cousin Sara Bronfman‘s efforts to install her husband as that nation’s first elected President.  The Bronfmans have been the Liberal Party of Canada‘s chief financers for more than 100 years.

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Basit Igtet, who had nearly been installed as President of Libya following a US military-backed ouster of Moummar Gadaffi, is married to Sara Bronfman.


  1. Now isn’t that so interesting that Neil Bruce was tipped off about an eminent arrest just prior to him fleeing Canada !! Gee I wonder what office would have been responsible that?? What a grown of criminals and I believe j t is up to all of thiNS to his ridiculous hair line!!!

    • Are you happy now?

      I am so offended that you refused to hear my story of growing up inside the NDP in Canada. What we are witnessing on the streets worldwide now is exactly what I was trying to warn about – this is weaponized cultural psychosis, and it is NOT any natural progression of human behaviour, it is intentionally scripted specifically for the raw human material they have been preparing for decades in the halls of post secondary education.

      The Fabian Plan is almost complete.

      I don’t think there is a nice way out of this.


  2. Wow. Its mindblowing the amount of news that is being suppressed by the extremist leftist Media in Canada. The subject of this article should be headline news in Canada right now. Regarding the article, I knew somewhere, somehow there had to be a Bronfman connection to Trudeau or his foundation, or someone in his office. Great work Buffalo Chronicle! Think this Canadian is going to check out your Scribe Book for more good old daily reading.

  3. More criminals and pedo’s linked to the Canadian liberal party? It’s getting to be almost as exciting as like when Rosie O’Donnell came out of the closet. She seemed to be the only one who didn’t know. I wonder how they knew there was a warrant going to be issued? I wonder how old those “female companions” were Gaddafi jr got from SNC during his “stay” in Canada. I wonder how ONE company can single handed drop Canada’s corruption reputation to the WTO and still not face charges.

    I used to love this country, now it’s a communist society that has no value or respect for the people, just numbers on a page to use in tax formulas to figure out just how far you can squeeze them before they squeak. Then take those tax dollars, give them to corrupt companies for “favours” and after the large cash injection lay off 1500 employees and pay big bonuses to ceo’s then obstruct justice and no one bats an eye.

    Welcome to Chinada and we are in the cultural revolution apparently, if you hear anybody say “state farming” I give it another 3 years in liberal power before people start eating each other.

  4. We are very fortunate that the Buffalo Chronicle is reporting Canadian news. The CBC and CTV never report anything derogatory to the Liberals so we have to rely on our neighbour to the south.

  5. CBC is a state run propaganda agency and the rest of the media are enjoying OUR money being funnelled to them. That old saying comes to mind, something that goes like this….”Never bite the hand that feds you.”

    In all these scandals does it seem one particular constant in all of them is Canada’s biggest embarrassment of all time, Pretty boy Trudeau?

  6. Thank you Buffalo Chronicle for having the guts to report the truth when our ‘state run’ media prefers to keep the federal money ( read here Canadian tax payers money) rolling in rather than risk losing the gravy train by reporting the truth. A shame that Canadians have to learn from another country about what is really happening in ours! Thank you AGAIN!

  7. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse this shows up why couldn’t this show up before the vote ? There must be a gaggle of these corrupt pricks running around. I wonder if Ralphie or Bill know about this because they all so transparent right and don’t they all have the title the honourable.

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