Brabenec: Bail reforms are a threat to society


The recent criminal justice reforms implemented by New York Democrats have left police, prosecutors, judges and the public endangered and exposed.

This insensible legislation threatens the well-being of the public by allowing allegedly dangerous criminals and drug offenders to roam the streets freely while awaiting trial – eliminating the requirement to post bail for many felony offenses.

The elimination of cash bail creates a dangerous precedent for the criminal justice system. Criminals will be allowed to walk free hours after their apprehension, allowing them to continue to rein terror upon society, intimidate victims or witnesses before trial or skip town.

In the likelihood they fail to attend their trial and skip town, local police will face the monumental task of attempting to round them up, a job that wouldn’t be required if they were where they belong in the first place, jail. Further, another bill requires prosecutors to turn over the names, telephone numbers and ­addresses of all witnesses to crimes within 15 days of arraignment, threatening the safety of witnesses and victims.

A wide range of felons will now be free to go without having to pay bail. That means dealers selling large amounts of drugs, burglars breaking into your home, or the recent tragedy in upstate New York, where a man running from the police killed an innocent bystander, will avoid any pretrial jail time. This catch and release policy is degrading to law enforcement and a danger to your communities.

I voted NO on bail reform because the safety of our community will always be my top priority.

The following is a list of local legislators who put the safety of you and your families second and voted in favor of this deadly legislation. I encourage you to contact their district offices and urge them to repeal this dangerous bill.

Senator James Skoufis (845) 567-1270

Senator Pete Harkham (914) 241-4600

Senator David Carlucci (845) 623-3627

Senator Jen Metzger (845) 344-3311

Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee (845) 624-4601

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (914) 941-1111

Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (845) 562-0888

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (845) 338-9610

Assemblyman Brabenec represents the 98th District, which includes the towns of Palm Tree, Deerpark, Greenville, Minisink, Warwick, Tuxedo, Monroe, and Ramapo. For more information, please visit his Official Website.


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