Brabenec: No license plate taxation without justification

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec represents New York's 98th district, located in Rockland and Orange Counties.


With Gov. Cuomo’s recent announcement to rescind his new license plate tax, New Yorkers can take a collective sigh of relief.

His proposal was a blatant money grab to fund Albany’s addiction to runaway spending. I am proud of my colleagues and the citizens who spoke out against this new working-class tax.

Since Gov. Cuomo’s tax was announced, I vehemently opposed this attempt to steal money from the pockets of hardworking people. The people of New York are subject to a tax burden like no other in the nation, and another tax on working people is simply unacceptable.

The overwhelming public opposition through the statewide public petition I launched is an important reminder that the people of New York must come first, and your voices will be heard in the face of injustice.

In a state with a budget pushing $175 billion, paying more money to the government to replace perfectly good license plates is unnecessary and abusive. Simply put – Albany doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.

This fee is another example of the disconnect between upstate and New York City – another measure which would have disproportionately harmed upstate, as the majority of people who live in the city don’t drive or own vehicles.

If the government wants to spend our money it must go toward beneficial interests for the people of New York, like repairing roads and bridges, lowering our property taxes and fighting the opioid epidemic.

My plan is simple. End the money grabs and handouts and make New York affordable again.

Assemblyman Brabenec represents the 98th District, which includes the towns of Palm Tree, Deerpark, Greenville, Minisink, Warwick, Tuxedo, Monroe, and Ramapo. 

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