Health and Wellness

Age is just a number

BY NORBERT RUG I have decided to age gracefully. Sure I have a few health problems, I need hearing aids to hear, glasses to see, I use a cane to walk, I have Peripheral Neuropathy and cancer. But these are


October is national anti-bullying month

BY NORBERT RUG As a redhead, I was bullied when I was a child. Even today I can still hear the chants “Redhead, redhead fire in the woodshed”. This is the only one that was yelled at me that can

The Clintons

New Benghazi documents confirm a Clinton coverup

This week, Judicial Watch released new emails on the Benghazi controversy that had been covered up for years and would have exposed Hillary Clinton’s email account if they had been released when the State Department first uncovered them in 2014. The long withheld email,

The Buffalo Chronicle

Buzz Feed interviews Buffalo Chronicle publisher

Craig Silverman, a blogger with Buzz Feed, posed these questions to the publisher of The Buffalo Chronicle, Matthew Ricchiazzi.  Here of his responses in their entirety.  Have you ever received any kind of warning or notice from Facebook about your content

Attorney General

HUSOCK: What Barr got right, what he got wrong

BY HOWARD HUSOCK He singled out for criticism those who believe that, in effect, government social programs could replace the virtues instilled by religion. Attorney General William Barr finds himself the target of criticism for remarks he made at the


MURPHY: Call off the state bid to micromanage private schools

BY PETER MURPHY Last April, lawyers for private kindergarten through grade 12 schools found themselves defending, before a state trial-court judge, private and religious schools’ right to operate. The lawyers, representing Jewish, Catholic and nonsectarian independent schools, were challenging sweeping

NY Senate

Skoufis spends more than any new Senator

Sen. James Skoufis, D-Newburgh, had $134,858 in staff and member office expenses during his first three months in the Senate, the most among newly elected members of that house, according to data posted today at, the Empire Center’s transparency website. From


MORRISON: The left loses its mind in prison debate

BY MICAH MORRISON Ideas have consequences and yesterday in New York City arrived more evidence that progressive forces in Gotham have lost their collective mind. The New York City Council voted to close the 400-acre Rikers Island jail complex. Keeping