DIPIETRO: “License plates and cash grabs”


Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Gov. Cuomo’s attempts to line the state’s coffers by charging an exorbitant price to replace outdated license plates in New York state. This comes on the heels of the most progressive and liberal session in living memory. Taking these two things in concert, it’s only a sign of what’s to come, Cuomo taxing the middle class through any means necessary to further push New York toward a leftist dystopian ideal.

I’m sure you’ve heard of these new licenses plates, but if you haven’t, the governor created a poll last month to pick the replacement plate for all of New York. There were several options, most of which centered on downstate and the features there, while one, in particular, was to highlight a fixture of Cuomo’s time in office, the monument to his father, the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, colloquially known as the Tappan Zee Bridge.

To vote in this poll one only had to be a citizen of New York. Now that made me stop right in my tracks, why do you have to be a citizen to vote if illegal immigrants get a license-why can’t they have a say? It’s pretty disrespectful if you ask me, we’re going to hand them licenses and not let them vote on the image that appears on their plates. But in all seriousness, we’re getting charged to replace these plates and taxed to keep the plate number we want, and taxed and taxed. But if you come into the country illegally and flout our laws, just come on down to New York state, you’ll get a license plate with the governor’s pet project on it!

This is the kind of hypocrisy in Albany that I constantly stand up against. I’m fighting to keep Western New York’s voice intact. This year I’ve put my support behind bills to promote agriculture, split New York state into three autonomous regions, increase education funding and protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Meanwhile, my peers across the aisle are taxing every source can they get their hands on to try and hand it to illegal immigrants, increase the wage of prison inmates and decimate the right to life and liberty for those who don’t agree with them, very inclusive if you ask me. The license plate taxes are just more of the same from Albany, taking from hard-working, stand-up people and spending it on pipe-dreams.

Assemblyman David DiPietro represents the 147th Assembly District, which covers all of Wyoming County and the southern portion of Erie County.


  1. This is not good, I can’t handle what we already have, loose more really going to have to look to move to another state, TN or Carolina.

    • The Carolinas are beautiful. Was just in Myrtle Beach checking it out. Going to sell my house and get the hell out of This damn state!!

  2. Voting this ass out of office will do little or no good at all. As long as we are tied to the likes of NYC, Westchester, and Long Island, we can expect to be governed and controlled according to their way of life and not what we grew up with upstate. And as more and more of them are attracted to the upstate counties and as they bring their turf warfare, gun control, tree hugging values with them, we are screwed.

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