Lenny Roberto, a former Tea Party activist, launches “SplitNY” movement

Lenny Roberto founded the Tea Party-inspired Primary Challenge to disrupt the State’s Republican Party from the quasi-Libertarian right, circa 2010.  Now he has an organizing effort underway to “Split New York” into two separate States. 

He proposes a New Amsterdam, comprising all of what is now New York State north of Westchester and Rockland Counties, allowing for newfound self-government and self-determination for Upstate New York communities. 

It would, of course, allow the region of about 8 million people — comparable to the size of Virginia (and its 13 electoral votes) — to elect its own Governor and US Senators. Imagine the influence in national politics that the region would gain — especially as a swing state.

By severing political ties with the New York City metropolitan area — whose electorate evidently favors a high-tax and highly regulated economic — Upstate would be capable of adopting growth-oriented economic policies like low-taxes, a streamlined scope of government, and an enabling regulatory environment. 

“Unlike other plans which need the approval of the State Senate, Assembly, and Governor, Roberto’s plan is based solely on the state and federal constitutions and is the only legal process being pursued,” Ellie Corcoran explains.   

“Although it’s a lot harder than writing a bill that goes nowhere, Roberto believes that it will create an entirely new political reality,” she adds.  Corcoran is the community organizer from Clarence who is putting together a Western New York-based team to help execute this effort. 

Volunteers should contact her to join the team.

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