Langworthy points to Siena poll showing Cuomo’s lowest-ever favorability ratings

The newly elected State Chairman of the Republican Party intends to wage aggressive campaigns against Governor Andrew Cuomo and US Senator Chuck Schumer in 2022.

New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy is pointing to today’s Siena College poll as evidence that the GOP is poised to retake the Senate chamber next year and the Governor’s mansion in 2022.

The polling indicates that Governor Andrew Cuomo is at his lowest-ever favorability and job performance numbers in his three terms.  Since June, his favorability rating has fallen by double digits with Democrats, Republicans, independents, and voters from every region of the state, according to Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.  Cuomo now stands at 43 favorable, 50 percent unfavorable.  In June he stood at 52 percent favorable, 42 percent unfavorable.

Cuomo is unpopular downstate for mismanagement at the MTA, dilapidated energy infrastructure at ConEdison, and an outrageous new toll pricing system.

“Cuomo’s rampant corruption, incompetence, and mismanagement have finally caught up to him and his failed administration is on life support. Today’s Siena poll also confirms what we’re hearing in every corner of the state: one-party Democrat rule is too extreme and putting New York on the wrong track,” Langworthy says.

“Cuomo and his fellow Democrats defied the will of the people by ramming through their unlawful policy of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and they are going to pay the price on Election Day. Republicans are offering New Yorkers balance and commonsense alternatives that put the hardworking taxpayers of this state first,” he adds.

It’s been widely rumored that Langworthy wants Sgt. David Bellavia, a Medal of Honor recipient, to challenge United States Senator Chuck Schumer.

Langworthy has been hurridly architecting a takeover of the State Senate chamber next year — a herculean task that requires fielding more than a dozen competitive candidacies against Democrat incumbents in districts that have been difficult for Republicans.

It’s been widely rumored that Langworthy hopes badly that President Donald Trump will join him on the campaign trail in key Senate districts next year, though New York hardly ranks on anyone’s priority list of swing states.  Trump’s presence in the State could earn new local candidates a slew of free media and name recognition, whether in smaller media markets upstate or the largest media market downstate.

Some political operatives have been equating a single Trump visit to the New York Metropolitan media market to a $1 million ad buy placed by party headquarters — especially if the President takes aggressive swipes against the New York City Housing Authority, largely managed by Bill DeBlasio, and corruption in State and City government, they postulate.

It’s been widely rumored that Langworthy wants Donald Trump to actively campaign for State Senate candidates in New York — perhaps even downstate, where the New York media is likely to amplify Trump’s presence with a slew of free media.

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