Unless staffers feel uncomfortable, rumored womanizing is unlikely to affect Poloncarz campaign

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has been known to date political colleagues who, in various ways, find themselves subordinate to him.  But those relationships have been publicly known and those women haven’t complained of the County Executive’s behavior — yet.

Over the course of the last two years, a seismic shift in public sentiments following the #MeToo movement has many male politicians worried, and some political observers say that Poloncarz could be vulnerable for his high-profile and unabashedly single lifestyle.  He is currently single and living in the Elmwood Village.

Sources say that Poloncarz is so worried about his reelection prospects that he has stopped working out and is stress eating. One staffer says it’s beginning to show.

Among political operatives and major Democratic Party contributors, Poloncarz’s rumored philandering has long been a source of innuendo.  One high-dollar Democrat says that Poloncarz was once romantically involved with a neighbor while he was living with his former wife in Lackawanna, but The Chronicle is unable to confirm the veracity of that claim.

Poloncarz’s election-year opponent is not expected to make the #MeToo movement an issue in the general election.   But that hasn’t stopped opposition Democrats from chatting incessantly — quick to note the ample number of charismatic, good looking, and twinkish young men who comprise the County Executive’s appointed political staff.

Political operatives don’t expect that the issue will play a role in Poloncarz’s bid for reelection — unless, of course, one of his dapper young political operatives suddenly finds himself uncomfortable with the County Executive’s manner.

Poloncarz’s critics call him aloof and standoffish, noting that his manner when interacting with constituents is not warm.

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