Stormy Daniels denied entry to Canada for Sundowner appearance — politics suspected

Stormy Daniels was denied entry to Canada on Friday, while those around her suspect that high-level politics inside the Trudeau cabinet may be to blame.

The adult entertainer known as Stormy Daniels, made famous by her accusations of infidelity against President Donald J. Trump, was denied entry to Canada when her flight arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Friday afternoon.

Those around her suspect that high-level international politics played a role in the incident.

She was slated to appear for a meet and greet at the Niagara region’s most renowned adult entertainment venue, The Sundowner, the Niagara Falls mainstay located on the outskirts of Lundy’s Lane.   The club was hosting its much-promoted 50th Anniversary event, where she was to headline for two night in a row.

Instead, she was detained for three hours, questioned, and put on a return flight to Miami.  She is said to have been treated “with great disrespect” despite lacking any criminal convictions, and without a legal premise for the decision ever being communicated to her or her agent.

It’s unclear for what reason that Ms. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was ejected from the country, but many familiar with the situation say that it was likely a high-level decision was made by a senior government official to break protocol. 

Because she was not schedule to perform, she was not required to have a work visa. She was only scheduled to appear for a meet and greet.

“I’m really disappointed for the fans.  We had hyped the event for months and so many of our patrons were looking forward to our big 50th-anniversary event,” explains Simo Ruden, the proprietor of the club, which paid for Ms. Daniels’ fee, flight, accommodations, and other travel expenses.

“We have never had a problem like this before booking talent from the States. We are a progressive country and welcome Americans with open arms.  We are a border town and our economies are linked and I’m ashamed that she was treated so disrespectfully by our government,” he explains.

This story is unfolding, and The Sundowner ensures its patrons that the show will go on this evening, even in Ms. Daniels’ absence.  The club has been planning the event for the past six months and has undergone major renovations

On the upside, patrons can look forward to the ‘always-spectacular’ annual golf tournament that The Sundowner will host at the International Country Club of Niagara will be held on August 19th ($160 entry fee).

The Sundowner is the Niagara Region’s most regarded adult entertainment venue, known for beautiful women and an energetic scene.


  1. Maybe there is hope for Canada – after welcoming the great unwashed from all corners of the world for the past two and a half years, they say no to Stormy. No, my mistake – this decision was made because Trudeau is desperate for Trump to intervene in Canada’s troubles with China.

      • Correction…..”was”. Trudeau 2.0 along with the Quebec Laurentian Elites have successfully revived daddy Trudeau 1.0’s result of dividing Canada even more than what happened back in the early 1980’s. Investors are now avoiding Canada, and many of the world’s nations now openly mock Canada. A naive, weak leader has made confederation a joke.

    • You mean the trouble caused by Canada doing the bidding of the US – that trouble? And as far as the “great unwashed” as you refer to them, most have come across the US border into Canada – so more trouble the US has caused Canada.

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