Parkside Drive-In

In keeping with Donna’s and my quest to visit as many new restaurants as possible we visited Parkside Drive Inn, 5095 Day Rd, just a few days after it opened.

Parkside Drive In has one side for ordering and seating on a “patio” where you can sit under a roof to eat. The patio has glass garage doors that can be lowered to create a sheltered area should the weather get nasty. There are picnic tables on the patios area and additional picnic tables outside.

Donna selected a hot dog, lightly grilled for her lunch. I went for the beef on Weck . Oh My Gosh! The beef on Weck was one of the best I have ever had. Sliced across the grain without any grizzle or fat and the horseradish was the type that burns itself into your memory. Not only did it clear your sinuses but it made your scalp feel like it was shrinking. If you ever had horseradish this good you will know what I mean. I finished my meal with some onion rings and had a Pepsi.

For desert I had a hot fudge sundae with caramel sauce. They have soft serve custard only in vanilla, chocolate and chocolate vanilla twist. My only complaint was the spoon they gave me to eat the sundae was too flimsy. I am told they have a Phoenix which is their version of a Blizzard.

One nice thing they did have was a “Build Your Own Burger” room where you can get your condiments, tomatoes, lettuce’ pickles, etc. away from the flying insects. This is one of my major complaints at other “summer time” restaurants, the files buzzing around the relish and pickles.

This business idea has been a long term goal of Mark and Lori Parsons. They have both worked in the fast food industry during different times of their lives and they both loved it. They wanted to bring a new restaurant to the community.

In addition to the usual hot dogs, Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers, they have Sausage, Chicken, Hot ham, Hot Ham and Cheese and fried Bologna sandwiches. The menu also includes custard, shakes, pop sports drinks, and milkshakes. They will be posting thier menu online soon. Yum. I see more than a few return trips in my future.

The restaurant is just across from the Town of Lockport, Day Road Park. As with many things, location is important. The owners, appear to have picked an ideal site.

The park is a prime activity site for children and adults of all ages with thier soccer and lacrosse fields, a playground and a walking trail. Mark and Lori said they look forward to combining the restaurant with the surrounding community activities.

I have read that Parkside Drive In will be open every day, 10am until dusk from April 1st through November 1st, with a schedule that will adjust to meet town and community sponsored activities such as concerts, movie nights.

Parkside Drive-In said they will sponsor events too. Welcoming local youth sports teams participating at the park and surrounding sports complexes.

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