Family weekends are the best kind


The other week, on a Friday night, my 7-year-old grandsons had a “sleepover” while their parents went out to dinner and had a date night. My son and daughter in law do this about once a month. I am glad they take the time to be together, alone as I think it provides some “Adult time” for them. I also like this because the boys stay over at Nana’s and Papa’s house.

My wife picks them up from school daily but with their homework I really don’t get to interact with them very much. A sleepover means we don’t have to push them out the door at 5:00 to get home. I got to snuggle with them as they watched television with me. Currently they like Ellen’s Game of Games. I think they enjoy the humor in this program. They have always had rather eclectic tastes in television.

I also got to read a bedtime story with them. What we did was I would read one page and my grandsons would read the next. We would alternate this way till the book was done. They are exceptional readers reading well above their grade level.

They woke up early Saturday morning and my wife got their day started until I woke up. When I woke, I sent her a text that I was ready for the twins to “wake me up.” This is a little game we play that they enjoy but I’m not really sure just who enjoys it more.

After they woke me and I got dressed and had breakfast, they both challenged me to a game of chess.  We generally don’t have time for this so it was a great treat for me. My youngest grandson (by a few minutes) is becoming quite a formidable opponent. I take the time to explain to him that he needs to think a few moves ahead and ask himself why I moved my men to where I did. To ask himself what I am up to. He still loses but he continues to take down more and more of my pieces. He is getting harder and harder to beat. I have also been trying to teach him about sportsmanship. Now when he loses the pieces no longer go flying, he doesn’t stomp off and he congratulates me on a good game, shaking my hand. He will then challenge me to a remach.

My other grandson isn’t quite as adept at playing chess and tends to give up at the end. He asks me to take it easy with him and although I tell him I won’t, I don’t play as aggressively with him. Like his brother, I explain my moves and show him when he makes a bad move. He gets a lot of do overs. After they left, I had lunch and took quick nap. When I awoke, it was time to go to the Lockport senior High School for the musical “Grease.”

In the interest of transparency, my granddaughter played Patty so I might be slightly biased. This role was made for her. The 3 day production was a sell out and I heard an unsubstantiated rumor there were “Scalpers” outside the doors but it wouldn’t surprise me. It was THAT good. This was an awesome production. From the singers to the choreography to the sets. Kudos to everyone involved. It was flawless. If you missed it, you missed out. There is a lot of talent at Lockport Senior High school and our wife and I have caught several musicals there. We have yet to be disappointed.

During the musical, three people came up to me and said how much they enjoyed my articles.  When this happens, it strokes my ego big time. Recognition by my fans is very important to me.

When we got home, Donna and I played a few games of Canasta. We have played so many games of this that she knows my strategy for playing. She also knows my weaknesses. I also know how she plays. She won a few games and I won a few games but on this weekend, for the very first time ever, we tied. The closest margin of winning before that was 15 points. Even if I lose, I enjoy those games the best. The closer the better. The game is usually decided on the last hand. The pile of discards usually grows until one of us can pick it up. The person who picks the pile up usually wins.

We finished out the weekend with a nice home cooked meal, a nap, and a movie. We then retired to bed with a pleasant, wasted feeling because we had a great weekend. Its times like these that make me appreciate being alive. Being with loved ones is the air that I breathe and the food for my soul.

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