Tis the season for Slow Roll


A short take on today’s news…

Visited the Broadway Market for the Slow Roll Season Kickoff Party. The 1st ride is Monday, May 6 from Buffalo Hostel. There are two Clarence Bike Stampedes as well. We are the only community I see with more than one.

Excited for Skyride, among other rides. Skyride is among my favorite events because of the fun of riding on the 198 and the 33 as well as the Skyway. Sign up here.

First biking incident of the year happened riding home from the Hurt Locker Sunday on Salt Road. The eastbound lane near the shoulder is torn up with winter wear so I was riding in the driving lane. An idiot in a minivan beeped at me in protest. Look jerkface, there was no oncoming traffic and I had a right to be there so go pound rocksalt.

Stopped by Rick Fickhesen’s stand to say hi. Nice to see him selling Yancey’s Fancy cheese. Interesting to see he met Michael Best at a trade show and that’s how Yancey’s came to Kissed by the Sun.

As everyone gets excited for warmer weather, Ellen Mika Zelasko is as well. She runs Hello Buffalo Urban Hikes & Bikes, offering a chance to see our fine city in ways you’ve never known, everything from understanding the history of Delaware Park to seeing the amazing urban art hidden around town. Sign up for her email list at Hello Bike Hikes and when her new schedule is posted, she will let you know.

Another day, another Trump appointee removed, this time the Secret Service Director after an embarrassing security breach at Mar A Lago. Here’s a question: Why would a President use Camp David when he can profit from forcing the government to protect him at his own resort and raise it’s prominence, making it more valuable?

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (d-Calif) has filed a defamation suit against McClatchy and Republican consultant Liz Mair who replied “free speech means I don’t have to be nice to Devin Nunes on Twitter. He’s also sending referrals to the Justice Department alleging surveillance abuse and offered new foil hats for anyone who agrees with him.

The flood of irregular immigrants and their children shows no signs of abating, despite locking them in cages, separating families and letting some die. Maybe with new leadership in Homeland Security, we can get to some real old Testament treatment of the heathen. Here’s a different idea: Why not work with Mexico to stop the flow and do something to improve the shithole countries that these people are dying to leave.

Here’s video of Sergio harvesting parsley. Could you imagine how much this would hurt your back. He’s paid $1.85 for a box of 60 bunches.

Dust season has arrived early in Alaska, just like spring.

Boyd Curiosity: “Nifty” started as unpretentious slang for “magnificent.”

Spring gives a great chance for photos in Alaska. Here’s an essay.

WNY Weather: 13 (56) with some rain today. 44 (7) with snow tomorrow. Bought some pansies and hardier plants at Lavocats but haven’t planted yet.

Nick Saban is whining about his professionals leaving Alabama’s football team for better pay above board in the NFL.

Professional basketball teams receiving subsidies from students play for a title tonight.

Dollar bills are lasting 8 years rather than 3 because we are paying less with cash. The result: The Federal Reserve is reconsidering plans to move to coin from paper.

Another crack at the Housley autopsy. He wasn’t demanding enough and numerous players were misused.

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