Nickel City Sessions return and Kevin Schuler avoids the big house


A short take on today’s news —

Nickel City Sessions returns home Thursday night, with great live music and a celebration of the reopening of the Little Music Shop that Could. Be there.

Kevin Schuler, the Ciminelli employee who helped rig the bid for SolarCity in exchange for donations to Emperor Cuomo was sentenced Friday but avoided jail time because he sang like a canary.

And while that evil rigging for the Emperor makes me cringe, he also proposed more transparency for the state legislature which, of course, voted down his proposal.

Remember those protests in Ferguson, Mo.? Young black men who were involved keep coming up dead and no one knows why.

Speaking of young black men dying untimely deaths, the man who filmed the choking death of Eric Garner is locked up and suffering, abused by the prison system.

Then there is the nightmare that is Baltimore, worse since Freddy Gray died back in 2015.

One day, we will again have a President who doesn’t require a daily update from the Associated Press on the variety of investigations into ongoing activity.

President Trump is never afraid to threaten violence if you don’t support him. \

I love how the language evolves. A couple years ago, it was the mean-spirited righties taking their cues from Fox talking heads calling progressives “snowflakes”. Then it evolved to the notion of “identity politics”, see who an opponent is, slap a label on them and keep repeating until it sticks. The latest crutch is to accuse people of “virtue signaling.” That term applies when someone, in the eyes of their assailant, is taking a high moral stance not because it is the right thing but because it makes them feel less guilty.

President Trump might say we don’t have an issue with rising white nationalism. The statistics disagree. Little details like 49 of 50 killings related to extremists could be attributed to the movement last year. Fake facts, right? I mean America for the Americans! What’s wrong with America First! Just because I am white and a nationalist doesn’t make me racist, does it? Virtue signaling and moral masturbation are really the same thing.

Then there is the daily fact check. Our President has an outspoken opinion about everything, but is always reticent to criticize the far right or burgeoning hate groups. Either way, he so seldom speaks truth that the Associated Press has to continuously test the veracity of his utterances.

On a chessboard, aggressive play shows the tenacity built in the desperation of an 8-year old Nigerian immigrant living in a homeless shelter, feeling better about his future in America, sacrificing a pawn for a bishop because it gave him and advantage several moves ahead.

Boyd Curiosity: Did you know the renowned Appache Geronimo, in his later years, was kicked out of the Dutch Reformed Church for gambling?

Naked people because, you know, it’s San Francisco.

Facebook’s effort to promote local news is being hindered by “local news deserts,” places where its aggregators can’t find an average of 5 linkable local stories a day. Perhaps they should hire me.

WNY Weather: High of 4 (39) today with some snow. 9 (48) and sunny tomorrow. The snowdrops are nice, but to really know spring is here, I wand crocuses.

More guilty pleas, and continued prosecutions from Nexvm.

As I was sayin’ yesterday about Ty Nsekhe . . .

“Fitzmagic” is now a Dolphin phenomenon.

Were the Bills furious when the Jets moved up for Sam Darnold? This report says so.

Remember Ray Emery smiling while he punched Marty Biron in the head? He was a complex character. Imperfect and gone too soon.

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