Preet Bharara knows he’s not safe…


A short take on today’s news —

UB is a 6th seed. St. Bonaventure collapsed.

Preet Bharara knows he’s not safe. An administration that can look the other way while the Saudis take out Jamal Khashoggi is certainly capable in eliminating an irritating critic like Bharara before he causes more trouble. Collateral damage is Cuomo gets to continue as governor.

This reposted from Jim Lovetro’s Sunday comment: “I’m not afraid of my Mexican neighbor, or my Muslim co-worker, or my black friend. I’m afraid of the ex-military guy who talks about how my neighbor, co-worker, and a friend are ruining ‘his’ country:

“He’s the one with violent notions, racist undertones, and anger issues. He’s the one with the three semi-automatic rifles, four shotguns, and twelve handguns at home. He’s the one that criticizes and makes fun of anybody who thinks differently than he does. He’s the one who rails against universal healthcare, but clearly needs a mental evaluation which he can’t afford, let alone recognize is needed.
“He’s the one that’s going to kill a bunch of people when he snaps. Not these other completely normal people who just so happen to have more melanin than I do, believe something different than I do, or come from somewhere else.” 
I worry about chronically struggling mentally ill people I know than neighbors, but I get his point.

One heroic worshipper in a New Zealand mosque heard noises outside, rose from prayer and intervened. The massacre could have been worse.

Border Patrol and Immigration Court can’t keep their shit straight and can’t communicate rescheduled court dates to deported asylum seekers. The conclusion? They’re just filthy brown immigrants anyway. They should come to the US the way the first lady did. Overstay a visa, work in the sex trade and hook a married sugar daddy capo.

The ghost of John McCain is haunting the White House because the late Senator represents everything Donald Trump will never be and there is not a damn thing the President is man enough to do about it. He is stuck in a crab bucket universe. One crab in a bucket escapes. A dozen keep pulling each other back in.

I’ve wondered about farm market saturation. There are the traditional, worthwhile ones, like North Tonawanda, Clinton Bailey, Rochester, and Ithaca. Then there are the smaller popups, like Williamsville, Clarence, and Alden, which don’t offer great variety or prices but are well-intentioned and fun to visit. Failure is upon us, at least at places like Eastgate Plaza.

“Intexticated” a new word I saw on a commercial during the NASCAR race.

Boyd Curiosity: Mailmen in Egypt complain they are too often bitten by camels.

So I am still reasonably quick. I have a shit arm and can get on base most of the time. I am 55. I also can pitch and have played a bit of lefthanded shortstop because I can stop the ball and get it to 1st quickly enough to catch anyone but me. Anyone have use for me on a softball team? I last played in the Clarence men’s over 40 league. Is there an over 50 league?

We wondered what might be happening to the property at Main and Ransom, which is looking haggardly in its transformation. Nice to see DeRose Kathy and Dave investing more in our community. Eat Utley Acres Beef.

You need to experience the Aurora Borealis in Alaska. So do I.

WNY Weather: High of 2 (35) today and cloudy. 5 (41) with rain or sleet Tuesday. Getting a bit more springlike as we work toward the weekend.

I wouldn’t even think about Bradley University but they mishandled a grievance with the local newspaper over men’s basketball coverage. Idiots.

We will hear more about him as time goes on, but new Bills tackle Ty Nsekhe is on his 12th professional football team including arena.

Darryl Johnston decided Johnny Manziel is not a good fit for his football team.

The Sabres won, in a shootout.

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  1. Wow this is absolutely nuts…I’m a Black woman from Brooklyn, NY and I have NEVER supported Republican ANYTHING – their values, their candidates, their channels, nothing but my alleged side is going so far off the deep end that you are seriously making me wonder if the Democrats haven’t turned into some kind of a cult.
    Are you insinuating that Trump is going to kill Preet Bharara???
    Were we supposed to go to war with Saudi Arabia, a war that neither Trump or the people who rule Saudi Arabia would have personally fought in because of a crazy story about a man going into to go get a passport and his wife waiting in the car for him instead of just going inside when this kind of thing always takes forever but somehow his phone line was open even though they weren’t on the phone? We were supposed to go to war and kills thousands of innocent people, men, women and children because of that nonsense story? I thought we were the ANTI-war side??? I thought we wanted PEACE.

    John McCain who was a total warmonger POS is now transformed into this mighty pillar of manhood…because he’s dead or because he hated Trump and since “we” all hate Trump then “the late Senator represents everything Donald Trump will never be and there is not a damn thing the President is man enough to do about it. He is stuck in a crab bucket universe. One crab in a bucket escapes. A dozen keep pulling each other back in.” ???

    From the bottom of my heart – FCUCK OFF!!! The silliness that passes for “journalism” in the Trump era is DISGUSTING. It’s a turnoff and its making people disgustedly just turn away. Trump was supposed to lose the House and the Senate in the Midterms. The Dems started with 40 uncontested seats and still only won the House 238-192. That mean two lousy seats while Trump won the senate and picked up governorships. You know why? Because their side is motivated as hell and they like his ideas while all “our” alleged side does is depress and demoralize and disgust us with stupid propaganda and indefensible bullshit like this all the damn time. I’m not a friend of yours, I don’t know you. I don’t give a shit what your OPINION is – WTF is the NEWS??? What’s going on? What Eos got signed? What policy things do we need to know???

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