Charlie Webb’s 19th Hole Bar earns 10 of 10 spoons


There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Charlie Webb. CW’s 19th Hole Bar is at the Niagara County Golf Course. There is plenty of parking because it shares a lot with the golf course. This is the second local restaurant run by Charlie Webb and his wife Anissa. They used to own CW’s Pub on Ohio Street in Lockport until they received an attractive offer for the place. I was quite disappointed to me when they sold the Ohio Street business and moved to Florida. This was our “go to” place. I had been in contact with Charlie since they moved and was happy when he indicated he was looking for a spot in Lockport to open another restaurant.

This is a small, busy place with a full bar. There were many people at the bar and a few tables filled with diners when we arrived. The restaurant, previously called The Sandtrap, was always kind of dingy place previously and I had only been there once.

0Charlie put in a lot of work remodeling, cleaning, painting and brightening the place up. It looks great. The place had a familiar feel to it though with the wainscoting, plaid table cloths and “Bud Light“ plastic “six-pack” carriers that held the condiments and a supply of napkins. This is the same décor that CW’s Pub had.

They serve all fresh, never frozen food and their corned beef and roast beef are cooked in house and sliced fresh to order. I’ve had both the Roast beef on Kummelweck and the Ruben sandwich at “The Pub” and can attest to their excellence. I was glad to see they kept the same quality.

We entered and went to one of the 2 vacant tables. When I first sat down, I thought the chair back was broken. Then I discovered it was supported by a springy piece of material that allowed you to lean back a bit and get comfortable. I have never encountered a chair like this in a restaurant. It was kind of like a recliner.

We had barely sat down when Anissa arrived and took our drink order. My wife had water with lemon and I had a Pepsi. When she returned, she brought over the menus. Just a suggestion, deliver the menus when you take the drink order. It will save a trip. We were already certain what we were going to have when we walked in the door but wanted to check the menu anyway. This isn’t “fine dining” but pub food and they do it well. They have 11 different sandwiches,  and tenders and a half dozen salads. They also offer a fried or baked fish dinner, a fish sandwich and seafood bisque with real crab meat on Friday.

When she returned I ordered CW’s Fresh Burger which is ½ pound Angus beef topped with your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato and a healthy slice of onion for 8.95. This comes with a side of fresh cut fries, homemade macaroni salad or homemade potato salad. It also comes with a dill pickle spear. I ordered it medium rare and it arrived perfectly cooked. This is quite a mouthful and even with my big mouth, I had to squash it down a bit to bite into it. It was delicious.


Donna, my wife ordered the roast beef sandwich for 8.95. This was surprising because if she didn’t have to cook meat for me, she would be a vegetarian. This also came with the same sides and a small serving of horseradish. A small serving of horseradish was all you really need. She opted for what she calls “the best macaroni salad in the world.” The beef was tender and cut perfectly with no fat or grizzle. Her meal was outstanding. I think Donna won the prize for best meal this day. I know I will be back again and again.

While we dined, Charlie came out of the kitchen 3 times to check on the quality of the meal. It’s this attention to detail that is going to put CW’s on the map.  CW’s 19th Hole Bar + Grill is located at The Niagara County Golf Course.

314 Davison Road, Lockport, New York 14094
Their phone number is (716) 280-3449.

I give them a 10 out of 10 spoons. Best of luck Charlie and Anissa. With the quality of food and level of service, I feel they will be around as long as they want.


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