Skating, the veto, and tragedy in New Zealand…


A short take on today’s news —

Steve Desmond shares the joy of skating (and photography). Take a gander.

As predicted, our President vetoed Congressional decline of his emergency declaration. He thinks stopping invaders with a medieval wall because of an arcane campaign promise is more important than systematically dealing with asylum seekers, the deficit, health insurance or the imperiled Great Lakes. I can already hear the campaign chants “finish the wall!”

The New Zealand mosque shooter was a white nationalist bent on revenge. Resentment of immigrants internationally remains on the rise, in France, England and here. I go back to hearing an obese cockney in a St. Mary’s diner proclaiming he voted yes on Brexit. “Out with ‘em, be done with it!” Trump is a symptom, not the disease.

President Trump, talking about the New Zealand shooting sees no connection to his ideology.

Since 2005, 1400 newspapers have closed across the United States including 10 in Arkansas. It’s OK. Enemies of the people.

The new Chromebook came in less than 24 hours.

Despite our President’s claims to the contrary, President Trump has built no new wall with Mexico since taking office. Winning. Bigly.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff has unionized.

What is it about Beto O’Rourke that gets people excited? His resume is thin. His ideas are vague. He has a certain energy, charm and almost seems normal in a way that reminds me of Trudeau.

The Internal Revenue Service failed to manipulate taxpayers appropriately so they received more pay in their checks for all of 2018 but a reduced refund. Hence the tax cut feels like an increase.

Gord Downie’s legacy is the inclusion of “The Secret Path” his final work about the legacy of Chanie Wenjack, in Canadian curriculum.

Antonio Pastini was the final name he went by. Here is a wicked tale of deceit ending in death.

It quiets as you back from a parking spot. It shows censor views on all 4 corners when you park. Lane assist works until you let go of the wheel for too long. Then it yells at you. I think Passat makes sense. We need to learn to play music from our phones using Bluetooth.

I never feel old. Until I get a haircut and see the grey hair on the barber apron or I trim my beard and see it in the sink. I still question how that fell from my head.

Boyd Curiosity: Figure the ball speed of a good golfer’s launch at 170 mph. At least some have been so timed.

Walked into The Cornerstone Grill. A blonde looked at me and said “nice hat”. I pursed my lips in an O, extended my jaw, tried to look orange and gave her 2 thumbs up with my very small hands. If only there had been a flag there for me to molest.

And at the next table, the downfall of the MAGA hat: People kibitzing about Social Security and exchanging incorrect information. Usually, I would interrupt, explain and offer a business card. I felt badly about that until I heard the guy saying “you know, Barry Sanders was unemployed before he got elected.” I think it was Yogi who said “if you listen you hear a lot.”

The blonde described 2 graphs ago started as “chunky”. Then I thought “hefty.” Finally, I changed to “fluffy.” Then I took it out. Does Trumpism negate the need for empathetic language? Does body shaming still matter among Trump supporters or can you just be mean and insensitive because anyone who can’t handle it is a snowflake?

WNY Weather: About 1 (33) today and tomorrow with a brisk wind and perhaps some snow. The breeze will make it chilly but it should still be good weather for a walk.

As long as we are discussing language and political correctness, discussion ensued Friday over the word “trope.” Apparently, some people get put off by it. I don’t understand.

Twice today I thought of Joe Armenia Sr., 1st because someone used the word “aware”. He used it as a verb “aware yourself of what’s going on in the police department.” Then it was because Beth asked why I have 300 contacts in my phone. It’s Joe’s fault. I always admired his home number was on his business card. Hence my cell is on my card. I don’t mind when clients call but 90% of the time, such calls come from an older client who doesn’t know which number to call rather than someone with and urgent need. Aware yourself of that before you put your cell on your card and answer your phone, and their questions, anyway.

I go to bars. I drink Jim Beam. I wear a Tigers cap. I think of Mark Walter.

Serious question: Can anyone explain tipping in Canada? What is expected?

Ty Nsekhe and John Brown made a list of underrated NFL free agency signings.

Ville Leino disease has infected the entire Sabres roster. They just can’t score.

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