Megyn Kelly is being encouraged to challenge Schumer in 2022

Television news journalist and a former headline anchor at Fox News and NBC’s Today Show, Megyn Kelly, is rumored to be considering a run for United States Senate in 2022 — against the Senate’s Democrat Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer.

The prospect of a national figure challenging the Democrat Leader in the Senate would attract unprecedented media attention — the likes of which could even an otherwise difficult playing field for a Republican in New York. But Kelly is a moderate Republican figure with enormous appeal among women voters and a media savvy that is nearly unparalleled in American politics.

A statewide race in New York could cost upwards of $20 million, if the candidate runs an ill advised campaign. To win, however, would cost merely $12 million — if the candidate is willing to play hard and a bit loose, with advisors willing to wage all out war.

Kelly can certainly afford that price tag. She secured a nearly $30 million severance settlement with NBC following her early departure last year from a $69 million contract. Kelly’s estimated net worth stands at $120 million.

Schumer, while certainly a transactional politician accustomed to making friends the old fashioned way, certainly has enemies in Washington, too. Money from outside the State would be expected to pour into her campaign — especially from a frightened health care industry and energy companies looking for rationality in politics.

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