A modest proposal from ‘Emperor’ Cuomo…


A short take on today’s news —

A proposal from Emperor Cuomo would make grassroots activists who spend more than $500 annually register as lobbyists. The threshold is currently $5,000. He hopes to squelch a recurrence of Zephyr Teachout or other annoying gnats threatening his throne.

The Amazon slayer speaks about why he worked so hard to quash the 25,000-job Long Island City Amazon project.

Does the death of the Amazon project mean we will reexamine corporate welfare? I doubt it. And if the government never comes out of pocket but only offers a tax abatement, is it still a subsidy?

Nearly ⅓ of long-term recreational marijuana users develop a syndrome defined by uncontrollable vomiting.

A woman allegedly abused for years while a student at Cardinal O’Hara High School is suing the Diocese and order for $300 million.

Someone asked yesterday, after reading the lively discussion, if it is always like that. It sort of is, but it takes on predictable patterns. We have the hard left, the thoughtful and pragmatic and then the hard right. The hard right, who tend to support Trump, get frustrated and angry from time to time. They even threaten to melt away. Then they drift back.

I thought of that after seeing Tucker Carlson’s point about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being the new leader of the Democratic Party. Her response? “You don’t like it? You do it.” It’s almost as if she’s channeling this blog’s critics who would rather chime in with catcalls than publish their own take daily and take on all comers. It is easier to criticize a leader than be one.

It looks like Lynne Dixon Quinlivan is going to challenge Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

There is a difference between socialism and democratic socialism.

WNY Weather: -6 (21) today with half an inch of light fluffy snow, all around pleasant. Misery returns tomorrow, with 3-7 inches of fresh snow and a high of -4 (24).

Howard X, an Australian comedian who makes fun of Kim Jong Un and is on tour with a fake Trump, has been expelled from Vietnam for being funny. “Fake Trump?” is that an oxymoron?

Boyd Curiosity: Designers say vertical lines create formality. Horizontal lines suggest comfort. Ovals convey daintiness. I’d like it dainty, my dear. Leave the football on the mantel.

Here’s a great profile from the oldest bar in Newfoundland. It wouldn’t be a place without me b’ys.

Between 2005 and 2015, 18 countries emitting 28% of greenhouse gasses being emitted worldwide showed significant declines. The common thread? Stricter regulation.

Why the heck does the NFL care so much about what Robert Kraft did and, most importantly, how can Roger Goodell yet again trip over his own dick.

Two in a row is a thing the Sabres can’t seem to win. Beaulieu is gone for a choice and Montour is here.

Bills draft speculation because it is never too soon.

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