Joe Marranca announces NT school board bid

Today, Joe Marranca announced he will run for North Tonawanda School Board. Mr. Marranca was a student in the North Tonawanda School District his entire life and now he wants to give back to the community he loves. He is a student at the University at Buffalo and hopes to become an educator upon graduation.

“I care deeply about NT, I was born and raised here. I’m going to school to become a future educator so this is something I take very seriously,” Marranca said.  With experience working on multiple political campaigns, Marranca believes he can win in May. However, his campaign will focus on the students and parents of the North Tonawanda School District, not politics.

One of Marranca’s major concerns include vacancies on the Board. “One of the most notable thing about my platform would be that I’m the only one that is addressing the issue of the Board being politicized too much. The Board is here to serve the students and their parents. The Board has been used for launching paid political careers, and some current Board members are doing that right now this election cycle.”

Marranca is confident that his presence on the North Tonawanda School Board will benefit every concerned parent and student in the city. “I believe the District can be even better than before,” Marranca said.

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