Buddy Holly, ice jams, Trump…


A short take on today’s news:

  • 60 years later, Buddy Holly’s classmates remember the day the music died.
  • The ice jams cometh. The big excavators attack. The battle to stop flooding rages in West Seneca.
  • The State of the Union is coming Tuesday and President Trump remains fired up about a secure border with Mexico. I care more about health care and the environment but maybe that’s just me.
  • CNN is reporting since the midterms, President Trump spends 60% of his day on unscheduled “executive time”, working 2 phones and Twitter and watching Fox News. I don’t remember reading about Obama’s schedule.
  • It was a tip from a concerned citizen that led Big League Politics to the racist yearbook photo alleged to be the Virginia governor.
  • Fox News is in a tizzy, calling Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren “anti-American dream” because of their criticism of billionaires.
  • Lying liars and the liars that lay them, Mueller Investigation version. Top 20.
  • Both shear pins popped out and were easy to replace. The snowblower rests fueled and ready to go for the next round. Meanwhile, the mailbox landed in the snowbank thanks to a rusted metal bracket. I got it back up (temporarily) with a few screws and a couple brackets from the basement junk shelves. Come spring, it will be time for a new hole and maybe a new post. Should I mount the Courier-Express plastic tube I snagged 20 years ago at a garage sale? Would it be too tempting for someone to steal?
  • As I thought about Willie Gundle, I remembered being Bee editor and getting a call from Gene Hall. He was a Daniel Boone of sorts, riding his bike everywhere, living in a hovel adjacent to his parents’ home in North Clarence. He showed me what he was certain was evidence of bear activity and fed voracious catfish.
  • Don’t blame the victim. How a woman was dressed when she was sexually assaulted has nothing to do with the assault. This exhibition has put up clothes worn by rape victims to prove it wasn’t ‘their fault.
  • Boyd Curiosity: Why do historians insist tales of Nero fiddling as Rome burned can’t be true? The violin hadn’t been invented yet. A lyre was the more likely instrument.
  • Hey, if Olympic cycling doesn’t work out, you can still rob banks. On your bike.
  • WNY Weather: 16 (60) today with spots of sun and maybe some flooding. Chilling back down Tuesday, all the way to 3 (37). Despite the rain and melting, I still expect to hike on snowshoes next weekend in the Adirondacks.
  • Buffalo is Canceled: Joe George gets punched in the face by a blizzard. We smile, laugh and persevere.
  • Alt Scott pointed it out. No matter which team we support, the Super Bowl is one time we all get together and pay attention to the same event. It’s sort of like the State of the Union without the lies. (That last thought was mine, not his.)

–First quarter, here comes the makeup call on Robey Coleman. Bullshit explanation. Perfectly timed hit should not be a penalty.
–What do you suppose they shot Gronk with to allow him to run like that again?
–I keep seeing these Game of Thorns commercials. I never really liked roses anyway. Give me dandelions.
–Nicest graphic: The 17 year challenge showing Belichick*, Brady, Goff and McVeigh. Then for good measure they threw in Nantz and Romo.
–Maroon 5 both sucks and blows.
–I think I liked the imitation Jeep commercial from Kia

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